11 Aug 2017

PC Vandalism to Architecture of Sterling Memorial Library at Yale

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Yale Alumni Mag:

If you were especially observant during your years on campus, you may have noticed a stone carving by the York Street entrance to Sterling Memorial Library that depict a hostile encounter: a Puritan pointing a musket at a Native American (top). When the library decided to reopen the long-disused entrance as the front door of the new Center for Teaching and Learning, says head librarian Susan Gibbons, she and the university’s Committee on Art in Public Spaces decided the carving’s “presence at a major entrance to Sterling was not appropriate.” The Puritan’s musket was covered over with a layer of stone (bottom) that Gibbons says can be removed in the future without damaging the original carving.

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There is a parallel to this censoring in real life. It is popular to point to the acts of violence against Indians (for example; Wounded Knee) while censoring out the acts of violence by the Indians against immigrants. Another example of this is that the press ignores or downplays racist violence committed by blacks against whites but searches endlessly for any hint of racist violence by whites against blacks. PC censorship is the norm.

Here in Portland a school and a park have the word “Lynch” in it (Lynch View Elementary). The schools were named to honor pioneering berry farmers Patrick and Catherine Lynch, who donated land to build a one-room school in 1900. But the scary word “Lynch” just isn’t PC and thus it must go.

Seattle Sam

The competition for the Ivy PC Championship is mesmerizing. One week Harvard is up. Then Yale comes back with a zinger like this. It’s exciting to watch the top players at the peak of their profession. Almost better than The Game ’68.

Seattle Sam

It’s also fascinating to watch how academics always try to elevate minutiae into the consequential. The 9000th dissertation on Scott Fitzgerald is likely to be about what brand of scotch he drank and how that influenced his writing. “Campus politics are so nasty because the stakes are so small.”


I note the bow is still intact.


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