13 Aug 2017

Police Took Leftists’ Side in Charlottesville

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Erection of Lee Monument in Charlottesville, Virginia, 1924

VDare claims the police were on ANTIFA’s side.

[T]he police did not protect demonstrators from Antifa and did little to prevent confrontations. Attendees of the demonstration, rather than walking a clear path to the park, were instead forced to walk through a line of screaming protesters. Liberal clergyman and elderly women held signs about “peace” and “love” and smiled benevolently—as violent Leftist protesters attacked from the crowd. They are as culpable as the Antifa themselves for the violence unleashed.

But that was not close to the worst. Demonstrators did not need protection from Antifa. All the police would have had to do to ensure a safe demonstration was simply go home—which is what happened in Berkeley. Patriots equipped with shields, inured to Antifa tactics of throwing bricks and spraying mace, had secured Lee Park (excuse me, “Emancipation Park”) and may indeed have outnumbered both Antifa and counter-demonstrators in terms of pure numbers. Several were armed, and the city fathers should be offering Unite The Right activists tearful tributes for the latter’s saint-like restraint in not opening fire despite more than justified provocation.

If police had done nothing, the public would have been safer. Instead, unforgivably, the police attacked (not dispersed—attacked) the legal demonstration, threatening attendees with arrest if they stayed in Lee Park.

Then activists, totally unprotected by police, were deliberately funneled into a gauntlet of attacking Communists, in a kind of Kill Zone. Injuries on both sides were predictable. (Of course, much like cuckservatives who bow and scrape to the Main Stream Media, the police were then insulted by the Communists for their trouble.

This could have been a relatively stable situation: a patriot demonstration protected by its own shield wall (and ideally, by police who actually did their job) along with a separate group of Leftist protesters, with both groups enjoying the right to free speech supposedly guaranteed them by the Constitution.

Instead, the police precipitated a running battle which engulfed all of Charlottesville. The result: Antifa running wild and chasing down isolated pockets of Unite The Right attendees as the latter defended themselves as best they could, with bystanders were caught in the melee. Police showed no interest in doing anything other than threatening patriots with arrests for “unlawful assembly.”

In contrast, of course, Leftists were free to disobey the laws and marched merrily down the streets, many chanting “Black Lives Matter!”, causing chaos as they went. As Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy reported, this was an absurd “double standard.” Anarcho-Tyranny was the order of the day in C-Ville.

I don’t look upon VDare as an unimpeachable source, but we are not going to find a lot of descriptions of yesterday’s violence sympathetic to the demonstrators trying to defend the statue. It does make sense that the police would be on counter-demonstrators’ side, they are working for the same City Council that renamed the park and that voted to remove the statue of General Lee.


5 Feedbacks on "Police Took Leftists’ Side in Charlottesville"

Seattle Sam

As long as the media rewards people for displaying their views in noisy public “protests”, there will be more noisy pubic “protests”. Amassing police to prevent violence is a self-fulfilling action.


These riots are engineered by the left. Most of those leftists attending the beating are from other cities and other states and are paid and organized by left wing communist organiztions/Democrats. This is engineered to create a headline that paints the right as racists or homophobes, etc. It isn’t accidental and in this case the mayor and the police were in collusion with the radical leftist brown/black shirts. The intent was to have a beat down of the right wing group that was protesting the removal of Confederate statues and fomenting racism. It succeeded and the Democrat politicians were at the microphone in minutes with prewritten responses condemning everyone on the right as racists. Just as the left needed all of the many fake racist or anti-Islamist claims to divide the nation and energize their voters they needed this event and they engineered it. They didn’t engineer the crazy nut driving his car into the crowd but anyone could have predicted it. The left created this racism exactly so they could blame the right for it. They have been doing it ever since Trump began his campaign for the president and have accellerated it in the last 6 months or so. It will get worse but it is 100% engineered by the left. They NEED the charge of racism to keep their voters in line. The MSM is on board and happy to trump up the racism charges. All so that the Democrats can get back the congress in 2018. To be honest this is who they are and I suspect they would do this just for fun even if they didn’t need to for the election. This is just the beginning. Wait for it…


The Left now has a martyr and the media have one more way to bash Trump. The details don’t really matter.

Seattle Sam

American Nazis are about as prevalent and as much danger to the country as true Communists. Have you heard the media loudly demanding that the president denounce Communists?


Vdare’s PayPal account has been suspended.


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