14 Aug 2017

Charlottesville: The Left, not the Alt-Right, Was to Blame

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No police intervention occurred even when black ANTIFA counter-demonstrators used aerosol flame-throwers.

My various left-wing correspondents are all energized by the violence in Charlottesville, and are demanding that those of us on the Right take the blame, apologize, and get busy denouncing all those racists and White Supremacists.

It’s sad to see left-right violence, including pepper spray and baseball bats, on American streets, reminding us all a bit of Weimar Germany. But it was obviously not the Conservative Movement, not even the Alt-Right, that brought about these kinds of poisonous national divisions, that fostered all the chauvinistic identity politics, and that provoked the violence.

Our friends on the Left are demanding that we denounce all the demonstrators protesting the removal of the Lee Statue and that we agree to identify all of them as “White Supremacists” and dismiss their motivations as “racism.” There were clearly some fringe group crazies participating in the demonstrations and some unsavory people were present, but that doesn’t make everyone who demonstrated a Nazi, a Klan member, or a White Supremacist.

I don’t recall any time I have ever heard our friends on the Left denouncing the most extreme communist radicals responsible for violence. Actually, they offer excuses, blame the anger of their radical extremists on America and the rest of us, and when their bomb-building murderers get out of jail, they give them teaching positions at universities.

So, sorry, I have no intention of identifying the generality of demonstrators as White Supremacists. I think they were mostly normal people defending their regional and cultural identity, who had been at last pushed too far, who were finally fed up with being insulted and marginalized.

I don’t think most people there had any connection at all to the crazy person from Ohio who drove his car into the counter-demonstrators or to the zanies carrying Swastika flags. And it seems obvious to me that left-wing local and state government took a partisan role, instructing state and city police to stand aside and let ANTIFA thugs intimidate and rough up the demonstrators trying to defend the monument.

The Left, today, is playing its usual propaganda games, trying to stigmatize and shame the opposition, but I think they fail to understand that they’ve been using the same tactics and techniques too long. The Alt-Right is reading Saul Alinsky, too. Their pet media has lost credibility with much of the country, and a lot of us are just completely tired of having the Left play the Race Card.

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Seattle Sam

Democrats constantly scream “it’s all about race!” Then are shocked when some white people agree with them.


I saw pictures of the Charlottesville riot where one person had on a white pointy hat like the KKK and another had a Swastika flag. This could simply be loons, right wing loons or it could be left wing operatives too. They needed to make this about race and it only took a few nutcases with racist symbols to do that.

I heard too that David Duke was there. Give me a break; David Duke is an attention whore who uses racism/KKK in much the same way that the NAACP/BLM uses racism to get attention. I have only seen David Duke when the MSM puts him on the TV to push their own agenda. But I believe he has not said anything more offensive than the feminists said in their anti-Trump march in their vagina hats. But to the left hate is only hate when it can be used against your opponent. Someone should do a contrast and compare between what Ashley Judd said during their feminist hate fest and what David Duke has said. Somehow I suspect the only difference is the targets.

Soren K

I’m struggling a bit here. I’m having a particularly difficult time reconciling the images of the evening torch lit march with anything other than KKK or Nazi Germany images. What, frankly, was the point of that charade?

Honor, respect, tradition, State’s rights… all good things… but when a leadership finds a means to get a few hundred tiki-torches out for an evening stroll… well, it seems like it might walk like a duck.


“I’m struggling a bit here.”

I get it. That was what I thought too. But it seemed too pat, to orchestrated, too convenient. Others pointed out inconsistencies in the story and I would look into them and wonder why the MSM missed that. But eventually the weight of all these odd coincidences and over looked facts tipped the scales the other way. I’m still not at 100% but I think we have been snookered. Explain why the governor and the mayor (both Democrats) stopped the police from controlling the situation and in fact the police forced the right wing demonstrators to exit the park into the waiting arms of the left wing agitators. The fighting and rioting went on and on and the police only moved to get out of their way not to stop it.
There is sooooo much more, I won’t try to itemize everything that is contrary to the story the MSM would have you believe. Be skeptical and look into it. I’m still skeptical, I don’t know what really happened yet but something is fishy. I hope the truth comes out regardless of what the truth is in this story.


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