14 Aug 2017

Removing Confederate Monuments in 2017


Why would anyone want to attack the political choices and public careers of people who lived a century and a half ago? The Civil War is over. The cause of Southern Independence was defeated. Slavery was extinguished. The actual Northern soldiers who fought the Confederates on the field met with them amicably at reunions years later and shook hands. There is a video of a Gettysburg Reunion that shows elderly Yankees atop Cemetery Ridge cheering old white-haired Confederate veterans re-enacting Pickett’s Charge. A national consensus emerged after the war, that recognized that Southerners had their own honestly-held, honorable point of view in the conflict, and that their bravery and sacrifices deserved the respect of their opponents. Recently, the rancid radical Left has decided to try to overturn that consensus, as a grand masturbatory exercise in historical self-righteousness and to flatter the amour propre and fan the grievances of its dependent black clientele. This is a shoddy and divisive game, dishonorable and violative of our shared American history.

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Paul Modschiedler

Democrats put up the monuments of Democrat heroes because it was politically expedient. Now it’s base feels it is political to take them down. That is one way to hide their history.

Soren K

If a population shift has taken place such that the residents no longer see the honor behind the monument… well the monument has past it’s prime and perhaps it’s time to go. That said, however, if a population in a different area still see value and honor… relocate the monument to a place of respect suited to the original purpose. Let that second population raise the funds, secure the site and pay for the relocation.

Now, should the first population disagree to relinquishing the monument for honor elsewhere we have us a situation. We’ve crossed from safe and happy spaces over to thought control for all.


I would challenge any of last weekend’s belligerents to qualify their intentions by passing a simple history test on the subject of their ‘protest’ to demonstrate even a passing proficiency of the facts. I am confident the failure rates would be very high.

As a war, both the North and South had their dead, but only one side emerged victorious and had their views prevail. Why are the monuments seen in such a negative light, as if their presence serves as some kind of vitalizing remnant of the vanquished?

Why instead isn’t the distance our society has traveled the important piece to be cherished, with ancient milestones left intact so that we might reflect upon that journey in its proper context?


“He who controls the past controls the present. He who controls the present controls the future. ” That’s what it’s all about.

Soren K

As the events unfolded in Charlottesville on Saturday I recalled the events not far away, in Greensboro, NC in November 1979… Another clash supposedly fighting for the soul of America… the KKK and American Nazi Party met the Communist Party of America under the guise of workers rights for African American’s working in NC textile mills. 5 died that day… you can look it up under the “Greensboro Massacre” .

So… today I see photos from Durham, NC where more unrest is afoot. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/article167260427.html Interesting to see the protestors holding a huge sign with http://www.workers.org emblazoned upon it.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

We’re all being worked by the Communists, the KKK and the American Nazi’s all over again. 1979 part deux… but this time with the subtitle “Fake News”.


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