11 Sep 2017

Out With Lafayette, Too (Dirty Slave-Owner)

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WRAL reports on just how all-encompassing the wrath of the righteous has become.

Fayetteville, N.C. — Cumberland County’s interim schools superintendent this week canceled a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a school environmental initiative because the program’s mascot, Revolutionary War hero the Marquis de Lafayette, owned slaves.

“I think in lieu of what’s going on around the nation and the sensitivity to issues concerning the history of slavery in the country, there was concern there that it may be offensive to some members of our community,” Superintendent Tim Kinlaw said, citing recent protests and violence surrounding Confederate Civil War monuments.

Biographers say Lafayette, a Frenchman who was a major general in the Continental Army, was an abolitionist who purchased slaves with the intent of freeing them. In 1783, Fayetteville was the first of several towns in America to be named for him.


3 Feedbacks on "Out With Lafayette, Too (Dirty Slave-Owner)"


Mohommed owned slaves….

Paul Kerpash

When will this BS end? If you whitewash history, you are doomed to repeat it. No current living black Americans were slaves, nor will eradicating any statues that may affect their or the white SJW snowflake’s vision of history make it go away. For that matter, when will SJWs renounce the Muslims, they still own slaves, abuse their women, kill gays and molest young boys? No one is removing their mosques from the US…I could go on, but why? The blacks weren’t the only slaves and they were sold by their own African people into servitude for money/goods. White Irish folks were slaves, you don’t hear them demanding reparations. The only cotton today’s blacks have ever picked is from an aspirin bottle.

Seattle Sam

It’s about slaves, but not the ones they object to. They want everyone to be enslaved to whatever the current fashionable thinking is. Tomorrow it will be something else, and they will tell you when they decide.


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