18 Dec 2017

Trump Derangement Syndrome

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Charles C.W. Cooke nukes Jennifer Rubin until she glows for her everlasting Never-Trump-ism, which is turning her into a liberal tool.

The era of Trump has been as hard on the mind as it has been good for the muscles in the chest. Ours is a moment in which millions rush breathlessly to exclaim. In defense! In resistance! In bloody-minded persistence! “I will not back down!” we are told, by people who have not been asked to, and could not be compelled to. They won’t be “intimidated” either, nor “silenced,” nor “bullied” nor, it seems, pushed to any form of self-reflection. Indignation, not analysis, is the perennial order of the day, and the tone of our debates is ineluctably Twitteresque. Retweets are points on the board, and hyperbole gets you oodles of them. The worst. Ding! Insane. Ding! Crisis. Ding, ding, ding! Congratulations, you have been promoted to the next level. Time for some game theory . . .

From this self-laudatory funhouse has emerged a host of cynical entrepreneurs, each with the same approach to our dismal, fractious moment: Take no prisoners, brook no opposition, and never, ever step away from the umbrage. These people end their sentences with “Really.” or “In 2017.” or “Let that sink in”; they pepper their analyses with eschatology; and, as is apt for a cult, they are promiscuous with their accusations of heresy. Like Lewis’s busybodies, they are convinced to a man that they are saving the country, and insistent that the dissenters are miscreants or weaklings. They have little sense of history, no instinct for context, and no meaningful faith in the system they want to save. They are marching in an army, and damn does it feel good.

Which brings us to Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s ostensibly conservative blogger.

Rubin is not the only example of this president’s remarkable talent for corrupting his detractors as well as his devotees, but she is perhaps the best one. Since Donald Trump burst onto the political scene, Rubin has become precisely what she dislikes in others: a monomaniac and a bore, whose visceral dislike of her opponents has prompted her to drop the keys to her conscience into a well.


Regular, long-term readers will recall that, right up to Election Night, I was anti-Trump myself, and I did not even vote for him. I voted for that Mc-Somebody-or-other guy from Utah.

But, I did indulge in some private gloating Election Night as Hillary went down in flames. And, as Inauguration Day arrived, I sat down with a large drink, and reflected. I realized that I had been wrong: Trump really was evidently not a democrat Q-Boat. He was actually sincere, and he was proposing to do a lot of good things. And, while Donald Trump was never going to measure up to the ideal form of President of the United States, if you compare him to the great majority of presidents in my own lifetime, he’s not really so awful as all that.

He isn’t really any more plebian than Truman. Trump was never a bagman for a crooked urban political machine. He is not even close to being as worthless and fraudulent in every way as JFK. He isn’t a total poltroon, and he probably won’t be banging hookers in the White House pool. He is not as vulgar and just plain nasty as Lyndon Johnson. He will not humiliate his underlings by making them talk to him while he’s on the can. Trump also will probably refrain from waving his male organ at the White House press corps. And he is not even close to being as nerdy and neurotic as Nixon. He won’t drink himself to sleep every night on taxpayer-funded Haut Brion.

He actually is more consistently conservative in his policies and is keeping a lot more of his promises than the Bushes.

The trick to enjoying the Trump presidency is simply never watch him speak, just sit back and watch all the liberal heads exploding everywhere, pour yourself another drink, and laugh.

The way I see it. Conservatives like me did not elect Donald Trump. The Liberals did by driving ordinary working class Americans round the bend with their left-wing insanity, their incredible arrogance, and their contempt for America and Americans. Trump is the ordinary American-in-the-street’s rejoinder. And they obviously deserve it.

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Old Salt

Welcome aboard. I too was a reluctant convert to team Trump. Shortly before the election I realized how perfectly he was manipulating our real enemies.

His election has exposed the fraud of the DC “two party” system. For a long time there has only been 1 party – the State.


“He actually is more consistently conservative in his policies and is keeping a lot more of his promises than the Bushes.”


Seattle Sam

Reportedly Steve Jobs was a very nasty and abusive boss. However, I think the world (and surely Apple stockholders) are thankful he was the CEO. Like Jobs, Trump doesn’t cower before the media.

ed in texas

I had a fairly short list of qualifications: all he had to do was not be Hillary Clinton. He wasn’t. And every day I get up, and he STILL isn’t Hillary Clinton.
The rest is gravy.


after 15 minutes in the booth i could not leave it blank and voted for djt.of course in Stalinist vermont that was futile.
but holy mother of god it is fun to listen to the pinkos whine,and the logical pretzels are so giggle inducing.
i.e. now that we have elected adolf we need more gun control.

Brother John

Conservatives like you didn’t elect Trump? Don’t be shy. Of course we did — you just didn’t join us until it was too late.

I grant you that on November 8, his chief recommendation was that he wasn’t *her*, but long before that he had a great deal going for him — a life spent doing good, productive work outside politics and a willingness to say things a lot of us were thinking but no one anywhere else would say, for instance.

Many have said he’s like chemotherapy. I don’t even think it’s going to be that bad. Perfection is not of this world — even Reagan left us Amnesty ’86, one of the most costly public policy mistakes in decades. In terms of results, though, I think we’re all going to be as happy as we have any right to expect, and *MUCH* happier than any Jeb! or Christie or even Cruz would have left us.

Plus, there’s all those exploding heads.



Maggie's Farm

Tuesday morning links

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Ralph Kinney Bennett

“He was evidently not a democratic Q-boat” That is superb! Captures the whole thing. Yes, I cringe once in a while but I love that Trumanesque “what you see is what you get” quality and, of course, the exploding heads. And it turns out that what we get is a lot better than many may have dreamed. My wife is still trying to figure out the hair, but I am more interested in the duck’s back, which has so far been proof against the torrent of lefty hatred. I pray for him.


Re that wonderful cartoon. I’m going to try that on a couple of my liberal friends. I know they’ll go exactly the same way.


I disagree about not listening to him speak. He has given some excellent speeches, including the one in Poland.

I don’t know whether he has more or less input into the content of his speeches than any other president and his delivery has also gotten better over time.


Once he was the candidate, I supported him like George Soros and Tom Steyer support socialist pinko commies, only on a much, much smaller scale.
Where I live, my vote doesn’t count. However in the real economic world, money always counts and I proudly donated to his successful bid to be POTUS.
He’s patriotic and beholden to no one. That turns out to be the only way past the mutual backscratching, one hand washes the other mentality that has captured our National government.

Steven Wilson

I didn’t vote for him in the primary, but once he had the nomination I knew I would crawl across broken glass to vote for him and against SHE. In fact, I would have crawled across broken glass to vote for him against anyone the Democrat party could run.

My vote didn’t matter as I live in the Deep Red Stronghold of West Virginia. This state by the way is proof that Obama was indeed a miracle worker, in a period of 8 years he transformed yellow dog democrat West Virginia into a thoroughly red state. He had that sort of touch didn’t he.

Trump has not disappointed me, but the alleged Republicans have. The go along to get along impulse is deeply ingrained in the establishment Republicans. Had they been willing to step up to the plate with DJT there’s no telling what could have been accomplished (and might still be).

Ultimately, it comes down to an appraisal of Trump similar to Lincoln’s defense of Grant “I can’t spare this man, he fights.”

After watching the two previous Republican presidents allow themselves to be made into punching bags, it is refreshing to have someone who can with a single tweet set off a cascade of exploding heads that drown out the conclusion of the 1812 Overture.

I am still basking in the schadenfreude of Election day 2016 and must admit that I still rack up some U-Tube videos of that night and laugh at the overreactions. Good times.


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