04 Feb 2018

Uma Is an Awful Driver

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Maureen Dowd serves up Uma Thurman’s #MeToo testimonial.

We learn from all this that Uma is a true New Yorker, unable to drive, and scared out of her wits at the prospect of managing Maxwell Smart’s joke sports car, the Kharmann Ghia! Watch Uma go all over the road before she crashes it.

Uma plays a superwoman assassin in “Kill Bill,” but, alas! we learn here that she’s a hypochondriac (“my permanently damaged neck and my screwed-up knees.”) and a whiner. (“As she sits by the fire on a second night when we talk until 3 a.m., tears begin to fall down her cheeks. She brushes them away.”)

Maureen Dowd clearly sat up and listened to Uma’s BS until 4 A.M. You know what that means don’t you?

5 Feedbacks on "Uma Is an Awful Driver"

Dink Newcomb

Does anyone feel revolted that Dowd and Uma are attacking Weinstein through the context of Thurman’s wonderful career choice of starring in several Tarantino movies. Ol’ Harvey has certainly crossed into the land of perpetual degeneracy long ago and gets no mercy from me but how is a POS like Tarantino is endured except only that he is not violating the “indignity du jour” cliche. When he was new, original and fresh, it was an exciting look at filth seldom contemplated but after years worth of the same sick and pathetic attempts to shock us over and over, I am tried of Tarantino and he attempts to be seen as a sophisticated man of the world.

Dan Patterson

Now wait just a dang minnit here!
Maxwell drove a Sunbeam Tiger. At least in my murky memory he did. Maybe earlier season or later?
Also a former Marine, if memory serves.


According to Wikipedia, the Sunbeam Tiger was indeed Maxwell Smart’s car, although an Alpine did do some stand in work.


Did I really misremember?


Who cares about the car? All that matters was Agent 99 was hot.


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