04 Feb 2018

Where is the Mafia Now That We Need Them?

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The Hill reports:

The city council of San Jose, Calif., voted Tuesday to remove a statute of Christopher Columbus from the lobby of its city hall.

The council is giving the area’s Italian-American community six weeks to relocate the statue, The Mercury News reported. If they haven’t done so by then, it will be placed in storage.

“I think everyone’s been twisting themselves into pretzels to avoid hurting people,” said Mayor Sam Liccardo, according to the news outlet. “Let’s stop twisting ourselves. Let’s see if we can at last put this behind us and focus on what’s positive, and there’s a lot positive in our community to honor.”

The Brown Berets, a pro-Chicano group, helped lead a push to have the statue removed from public land, calling it “a symbol of genocide” that glorified European colonialism and violence against Native Americans after Columbus’s 1492 voyage to America.

“He belongs in history books,” Councilwoman Sylvia Arenas said, according to the Mercury News. “I don’t believe he belongs in our City Hall.”

The statute of the navigator had been vandalized twice. A man once reportedly smashed the statue’s face with a sledgehammer while shouting “murderer” and “genocide.”


I picture Mayor Liccardo waking up in a blood-soaked bed and finding some Brown Beret heads keeping him company.

What is these beaners’ major malfunction anyway? They are Hispanic, for Christ’s sake. They should be proud of Columbus who sailed under the Spanish flag. They ought to trace their descent from “stout Cortez” and the Conquistadors. But in our completely screwed-up era, it’s victims and whiners who get all the power, so they prefer to consider themselves descendants of human sacrificing savages.

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Dick the Butcher

Genocide, slavery, war existed in the Americas before Columbus.

This is nihilism and complete bullshit.

Until the idiots seized the asylum, Latin America celebrated 12 October as “La Dia de la Raza (the day of the race).” It was the annual celebration of bringing Hispanic, Western Civilization to the Americas.

Truly, there are not enough bullets for all the idiots that need to be remediated.

Soren K

In his SOTU speach, Donald Trump reclaimed the word “dreamers” from a fringe group and gave it back to the population at large.

Reading the Brown Shirt’s comments… I recall a slogan that we may want to figure out how to take back as well…. although with some needed editing… The original chant went something like: “We’re here. We’re Queer. Deal with it.”

Perhaps a simple 5 word replacement… “We’re here. Deal with it.”


Our present day “chicanos” who are protesting are constantly looking for Aztlan, the legendary birthplace of the Aztecs. Oh, wait, the Aztecs left and wandered until building an empire centered in Tenochtitlán, on Lake Texcoco. From there they became conquerors, slave holders, frequent participants in human sacrifice and when needed, the decimation of entire villages and towns, i.e. genocide.

They’re just mad at the Spanish because Cortez and company were better at conquest and mayhem than they were.

Jan Weber

American History is being destroyed by political correctness. This must be stopped.

Steve Gregg

When Cortez ascended one of the Aztec pyramids, he found the wall inside the temple on top to be coated with human blood a foot thick. The Aztecs sacrificed humans there, sometimes thousands at a time, cutting out their hearts, then tossing their bodies down the steep steps of the pyramids. There, the people cut the limbs off to cook and eat. The torsos were fed to zoo animals. The heads were punctured on the sides and set in skull racks by the thousands on the side of the pyramid.

What did the Spaniards do that was worse than that?

Soren K

They didn’t leave an 18% tip?

bob sykes

The one-drop rule applies here, too. They are not Hispanic. You have to have nearly pure Spanish or Portuguese ancestry to qualify for that label. They are Indios, and the self-identify as Indios just as Obama self-identified as black.


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