12 May 2018

Settled Science

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Kurt Schlichter claims that Science proves that you need a modern semiautomatic, so-called Assault Rifle.

[Y]ou should own, at a minimum, a modern semiautomatic rifle like an AR-15 that is simple to operate, easily accessorized for the individual user, reliable, and rugged. Liberals call these “assault rifles,” though they are not. Insisting that liberals be accurate when describing what they seek to ban is “gunsplaining,” a heinous macroaggression that is right up there with assuming someone’s gender on the Big List O’ Liberal Sins.

If you don’t agree with me, you clearly hate science. Why do liberals hate science so much?

But it is science – the math is clear that chaos is in the cards, and you better be ready.


Now, if only Kurt will get to work demonstrating the scientific basis for my need for a side-lever Stephen Grant hammergun…

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I often say, imagine if every Jew in Germany in the 30’s had a gun. History would have been totally different. Typically this brings the response from someone (probably someone leaning towards being anti-gun) that the Germans would have simply used more force. Well, probably true! And they would have lost a lot more men doing it. And they wouldn’t have been able to kill 5-6 million jews. And they might have had to deal with so much internal strife that they wouldn’t have the resources to fight everywhere else. I would assume that 5-6 million of your citizens shooting your police and gestapo at every opportunity might just cut into your ability to invade France.

Now imagine 6 million Jews in Germany in the 30’s with a AR15. Now that would have changed everything. Probably would have saved 50 million lives.

bob sykes

For various reasons, including a bit of ignorance, I ended up owning both a Ruger Mini 14 and an AR 15. The Mini 14 is based on the M1 rifle/M1 Carbine action. The AR 15 is superior to the Mini 14 in every conceivable way. It aims more naturally, has better iron sights, and is infinitely easier to maintain. The ability to accessorize the AR 15 is nice, but most of the accessories reduce its ease of handling.

But Kurt is right. Every moderate/conservative adult should have have an AR 15. But get one of the better ones.


Myself, I’ve got 2 Krags, 3 Springfields, 1 SMLE, 2 1917 Enfields, and 2 Mauser G98s.


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