20 Jul 2018


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That’s stupid.

Alcohol comes from “Al kohl.” Kohl is from the word for blue and is that black powder used for eyeliner that comes from antimony. “Alchol” isn’t really derived from “the Kohl” but rather one of the other users of al- besides as a definitive article. I think it has something to do with one use where al- implies the essence of something — which could also be a distillate, I suppose.

Or it could easily have something to do with another way al- used in Arabic. My Arabic is pretty minimal.

It has nothing to do with Marvel Comics…

Schill McGuffin

I think you were going for DC/Batman there.

Nevertheless, you’re right, insofar as one collects factoids from on-line “memes” at one’s own risk.


I thought alcohol came from the liquor store!…..(groan)


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