29 Aug 2018

Whom Would You Save?

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Contemporary education aka brain-washing is something. Kiddies at a Middle School in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio were asked by a so-far-unidentified teacher in a so-far-unidentified subject to choose eight our of twelve people to save from the destruction of the planet on the basis their victim group privilege.


An Ohio middle school is under fire after an assignment asked students to decide based on gender, sex and other factors who to save if the world was ending.

Students at Roberts Middle School in Cuyahoga Falls were asked to make the decision in the “Whom to Leave Behind” assignment, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

The not-yet identified teacher asked students to choose eight of 12 people to put on a space ship to take to a different planet if the Earth was about to be destroyed.

Some of the choices included in the controversial assignment, which parents slammed as “insensitive,” included a “militant African-American medical student,” a “homosexual, male professional athlete” and a “female movie star who was recently the victim of sexual assault.


5 Feedbacks on "Whom Would You Save?"

Seattle Sam

Actually, the teacher could have turned this into an interesting assignment. Imagine asking the students to explain and justify the decisions they made. Why did you choose a female Muslim over a Native American manager? And BTW, how do you suppose that Native-American who can’t speak English got her job as a manager in the first place?

Dick the Butcher

It’s one cause for defaults of so many of the 5 million ex-college kids that owe $1.5 trillion in college debt. They are unfit for gainful employment.

Schill McGuffin

Agreed that this could be an interesting exercise — I can think of loads of reasons for justifying selections that wouldn’t send “protected classes” to the head of the line, but discussing the impulse to do so or not would be interesting. There are also some “fox, chicken, and corn” issues here, regarding potentially poor combinations — while the medical student could be desirable, would including a “militant” African-American create potential friction with other ethnicities?

And what about the omitted facts, like the race of the “racist” police officer? Who might they not get along with? Or does the use of the term “racist” imply that he or she is white, on the premise that only the “empowered” can be racist?

On the whole, I think a potentially productive educational enterprise, though with huge opportunities to screw it up.

Seattle Sam

Schill — to answer your question, only white people can be racist, so it’s implied. There is some talk in academic circles about making an exception for Asians, but no decision has been reached.

bob sykes

I rate the racist cop 1 and all the others 12.

I would try to get the racist cop to shoot the others, since he is armed.


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