05 Apr 2021

Doors of the Pantheon

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“The oldest doors still in use in Rome. Cast in bronze for emperor Hadrian’s rebuilding, they date from about 115 AD.

Each door is solid bronze seven and a half feet wide & twenty-five feet high, yet so well balanced they can be pushed or pulled open easily by one person.

Becky for scale.”

HT: Kimball Corson.

Wikipedia Pantheon article.

4 Feedbacks on "Doors of the Pantheon"

Dan Kurt

Explain how the bronze doors escaped being converted into bronze canons during 2000 years of strife involving Rome?

Dan Kurt


almost unbelievable. but they WERE romans so…

Stephen R. Stapleton

How are the doors “balanced”? Is there some weight on the other side of the hinge that matches the weight of the door? Wouldn’t that just double the weight that needs to be moved? Opening the door still means overcoming the momentum of the mass at rest (remember: objects at rest stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force and objects in motion stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force, Newton’s First Law of Motion).

Everett julian Hobbs

Has anyone ever actually read anything about lubrication of doors?


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