09 Dec 2021

The Ivy League Liars’ Club

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John Witherspoon statue at Princeton.

Princetonian Scott Newman spills the beans. Those elite colleges’ Wokery is only a hypocritical form of virtue-signaling. The little supposed revolutionaries are really the swiftest and most ambitious rats in the race, running all out for the status and the bucks.

[Elite colleges’] progressive ideals are mostly for show—as evidenced by the fact that the actual career paths of typical Princeton graduates are guided by a hunger for status and security, not social justice. No one I know mentioned “Goldman Sachs” or “McKinsey” in their admissions essays. But year after year, they flock to places like these.

What I’m describing is a kind of liar’s club. Hopeful high school students lie about their commitment to social justice in a bid to gain admission, while the universities themselves lie about all the risk-taking, world-changing mavericks they’re looking to nurture. Neither side dares to speak the grubby truth, which is that the undergraduate experience will be a pro forma exercise in leftist indoctrination that precedes a march into the hallowed halls of investment banks and management consultancies.

RTWT — This one is a good read.

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It’s long been clear that the Ivy League schools graduate the shallowest and most conventional of thinkers. That’s what you get when you train your students in ideology like you train your dogs to hunt rather than training your students to think independently and objectively. You hire these souls dweebs at your own risk

Fusil Darne

You don’t train a dog to hunt. He knows how to do that. You train him to hunt with you. This goes better if you are possessed of a good soul, and, a dog knows that, too.
You train a rat circus. You train them in the exact same fashion that you train Ivy leaguers.


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