27 Jun 2022


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I used to defend legalized abortion. As time went by, I, too, found it impossible to be on the same side as these people who are utterly indifferent to Constitutional fidelity, Federalism, or the democratic process, as long as they get their way.

I’m fairly callous and unsentimental about babies, but even I started having problems with viable babies torn to pieces or left to die. Everybody should have problems with Planned Parenthood making money selling chopped-up baby parts. It reached a point in recent years where American Society as desired by our liberal friends could compete in lack of regard for human life with the Aztec Empire.

They really deserved to lose this one.

HT: Vanderleun.

One Feedback on "Exactly!"


I pretty much agreed with Roe v Wade. As distasteful as I may find it, society really has nothing to say on the matter before a baby is viable, it’s another matter after viability. That’s not what pro-abortion nutjobs are pushing for though, they insist on abortion-on-demand up to and including post-birth. Roe v Wade never said abortion was an absolute right, as Joe Biden might say. First trimester only.


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