22 Sep 2022

They Keep Electing Progressive Democrats

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And, as Jeffrey Carter notes, everywhere you look you can see Ayn Rand’s fictional vision of the future coming visibly to life.

If you look at Minneapolis, Chicago, and San Francisco, it is a race to see who can be Detroit first. NYC is terrible right now when it comes to crime and daily living. So is Los Angeles. New Orleans is the murder capital of the country. Memphis, St. Louis, Louisville? Please spare me the Chamber of Commerce pitch. No doubt, tourists are balking at going to those places due to fear of crime.

Name an urban area that is a delightful place to live, has great public schools, doesn’t have rising crime, and you can build wealth right now. The only ones I can think of are in the Old Confederacy.

John Galt is shrugging. He is moving places. It’s not the weather.


2 Feedbacks on "They Keep Electing Progressive Democrats"

bob sykes

Similar problems exist in the EU/UK. The Western Ruling Classes, who identify with one another and not the people they rule, all pursue the same policies, which are leading to economic and social collapse.

Russia and China do not have these problems. Their Ruling Classes are doing a better job. For one thing, they do not denigrate and attack their own people.


But look “Global Warming”! The Ultra MAGAs! And poor little Jussie Smollet! No end of distractions to confuse and manipulate voters.


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