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04 Jan 2018

Problem Solved

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05 Jun 2017

“Gotta Get That Lawn Mowed!”

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Theunis Wessels mows his lawn at his home in Three Hills, Alta, Alberta, Canada, as a tornado is seen in the background on Friday, June 2, 2017.

15 Mar 2017

Near Lake Ontario

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Photo of ice-covered house forwarded on Facebook by John Kucko, an anchor at WROC in Rochester, NY.

13 Jan 2016

Cyclone Narelle


Photo taken from the oil and gas platform south of Barrow Island late yesterday as severe Tropical Cyclone Narelle approached. The cyclone is now a category four storm packing winds to 230 km/hr. A viewer sent this photo to Nine News Darwin.

Daily Mail:

The cyclone was carrying a massive wall of red sand.

02 Mar 2015

Digging Out Today



Hat tip to Madame Scherzo.

01 Mar 2015

How Do You Like the Global Warming?


Mauna Kea summit road near Hilo on Hawaii

Daily Mail:

All 50 states of America will see snow this week as the nation is plunged into the coldest month for decades.

For the first time since 2010, meteorologists predict two snow storms barreling through the country in the next seven days will engulf Florida – a usually snow-less state.

It comes as cold weather records continue to fall across the country, with February declared the coldest month in New York for 81 years.

The average temperature in the Big Apple over the last four weeks has been 24F – 11 degrees below normal. New York joins other metropolitan areas such as Chicago and Pittsburgh, which have also experienced their most frigid February in decades.

As the mercury continues to plummet, ice breakers are being deployed by the US Coast Guard to create ferry and shipping lanes along the Hudson River in New York and the Delaware in Philadelphia.

Read the whole thing.

21 Feb 2015

Global Warming Impacts Manhattan

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19 Feb 2015

Bostonians Have Accepted Their Fate as Canadians

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18 Feb 2015

Snowy in New England

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It’s bad enough here in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, but all that Global Warming really buried New England in white stuff this year. Buzzfeed has a compilation of really impressive photos from Twitter.

“The Alps of M.I.T.”

27 Jan 2015

Weather Forecast



26 Jan 2015

Blizzard of 1888

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All correct-thinking members of today’s community of fashion know that human energy use and economic activity is altering the climate and producing extreme weather. Of course, until recent years when the earth’s human population has enormously increased along with accompanying energy consumption and industrial activity, we all know that extreme weather never really happened.

Gawker, nonetheless, today took the occasion of “extreme weather” visiting the Northeast to remember the Great Blizzard of ’88, which was obviously merely a case of perfectly ordinary weather. 200 people, however, died.


Trains full of people were trapped without food. Public transportation stopped, and hundreds of people went home to Brooklyn by crossing the East River over the ice.

Men of fashion were obliged to take shelter in Bowery flophouses, sleeping beside the tramps. The flophouse operators took advantage by raising their rates from ten cents to fifty cents.


20 Nov 2014

How’s That Global Warming Working Out For You?

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About 50% of the United States had snow on the ground Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. …

All 50 states registered temperatures below freezing Tuesday morning, even traditionally warm ones. Temperatures at Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island dipped to 31 degrees while Florida’s Panhandle was in the upper 20s, with freeze warnings in effect.

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