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29 Oct 2006

And Then They Went Over And Laid Some Wreaths at the German War Memorial

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Charles Johnson was stunned.

You think you’ve seen French appeasement at its worst. Then they go and do something like this.

Last year’s French riots were triggered by the deaths of two “youths,” who fled a police ID check, broke into an electrical substation to hide, and were electrocuted when they touched something they shouldn’t have.

Last Friday officials and residents of Clichy-sous-Bois, scene of some of the worst rioting, dedicated a monument to these two disenchanted fleeing criminals.

What would Godfrey of Bouillon have done?

13 Nov 2005

French Riot Jokes from Late Night TV

November 13, 2005

We turn to France, whose decision to stay out of the Iraq war is starting to make more sense. After all, why go all the way to the Mideast when you can fight Muslims in your very own suburbs?


The situation is really bad — today Chirac announced that the French are pulling out of France.


09 Nov 2005

Listen up, Froggies

Sierra Times editorialist Selwyn Duke has the answer on how to stop the riots, the car burnings, the church burnings, and the attacks on innocent people which have spread all over France: Shoot Rioters on Sight. He is right, you know.

08 Nov 2005

Reflections on the Revolution in France, I

American and Europe both have in common a contemporary state of affairs in which socialist ideology and the Welfare State have destroyed the work ethic of the native ineducable class, in the natural course of things destined for a career of unskilled labor. In both societies, it is impossible to find native-born citizens willing to stoop to modestly paying jobs involving unpleasant physical labor or tedium, and in both cases, we import replacement workers from abroad.

With characteristic hypocrisy, Americans complain about illegal immigration, while relying in countless cases upon off-the-books workers from Mexico and Central America to clean their houses, mow their lawns, move their furniture, or build their new home. Illegal aliens bus our tables, serve our fast food, and in general do all the dirty work and heavy lifting. The French, and other Europeans, resorted to a similar expedient earlier, in a more above-board fashion opening their doors to a major influx of residents of former colonies, or guest workers, to fill the same kinds of roles.

In America, we naturally get, as part of our enormous new wave of immigration, a small number of criminals and hormone-intoxicated male adolescents. All large waves of immigration are bound to contain a portion of the same. But we are primarily receiving people who are hard-working, family-oriented, and Roman Catholic. Our illegal Hispanic immigrants of today have both the natural inclinations, and a natural trajectory, to become tomorrow’s Republican voters. Europe was less fortunate. Its unskilled laboring classes are primarily drawn from Islamic countries.

From a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant perspective, Mexicans and Salvadorans seem downright exotic, but Spain was also part of European civilization, and Roman Catholics are also Christians sharing a common European culture and its values. Europe’s equivalent laboring caste is far more fundamentally alien.

America also has a tradition of assimilating foreign immigrant laborers, and can point to a demonstrable record of delivering in the past to the descendants of lowliest of its laborers a real path upward with respect to education, career opportunity, and prosperity. France has frozen its Islamic immigrants out of opportunities for upward mobility by a low-growth economy produced by its regime of Social Welfare. France even effectively curtails their physical mobility, trapping its Islamic laboring classes in battery-cage banlieus, functioning as Theodore Dalrymple observed in 2002, as the practical and moral equivalent of the South African system of apartheid.

The second European generation of foreign unskilled labor remains unassimilated, and without a path to opportunity. World-wide Islamic revolution is in the air, and we are seeing the thirteenth night of violence in Paris.

07 Nov 2005

A Country in Flames

Rioting and the burning of automobiles by gangs of Islamic youths have spread from the housing projects in the suburbs of Paris to cities all over the county.

06 Nov 2005

Some Riot and Some Do Not

Despite the so-called poverty and destitution of which they are victims (at least according to the media), the Islamic “youths” of Clichy are the spoiled brats of the West European welfare state. Despite the media talk of “discrimination” (if there is any discrimination of immigrants in Western Europe, it is “positive” discrimination), they get the same generous welfare benefits as other Frenchmen. The West European government handouts are so high that none of the allegedly “frustrated and angry unemployed” are willing to do the kind of jobs that the Poles gladly take. The moral perversion which accompanies socialism has affected Muslims to a larger extent than it has affected people raised in the traditional Christian culture of the West with its stronger sense of individual responsibility — and even among the latter social welfarism has had devastating effects on traditional morality, which has almost disappeared.

The Poles on the other hand have lived under almost half a century of communist dictatorship, but socialism did not affect them to the same extent as it has affected the peoples of Western Europe. They remained faithful to their Catholic religion.

06 Nov 2005

Rioting extends beyond the Banlieus

Non- facetiously

Last night:

Saturday night’s rioting was the most destructive so far as 1,300 vehicles were set alight and 349 people arrested, despite an enhanced police presence.

So far more than 800 people have been arrested and 3,500 vehicles torched, mainly in the working-class, high-immigration outer suburbs of Paris where unemployment is as high as 20 percent.

Cars were burned out in the historic centre of Paris for the first time on Saturday night. In the normally quiet Normandy town of Evreux, a shopping mall, 50 vehicles, a post office and two schools went up in flames.

06 Nov 2005

France Surrenders after 7 Days of Rioting

(Apache Press International)

November 2, 2005 Paris – – French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy today accepted terms of surrender from Mohammad Al Jabooti, the leader of a pack of Muslim rioters after just seven days of civil unrest north of that nation’s capitol. Following a brief signing ceremony at the Palais de Justice, the French Republic surrendered to the suburb of Chichy-sous-Bois.

“The terms offered by our Muslim overlords in exchange for our immediate capitulation was most generous” said Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. “We are grateful we have been allowed to live.” “…and what greater gift is there than life itself?”

The terms that the French Republic agreed to was the immediate conversion of all 22,000 Catholic churches into Mosques and the summary beheading of the approximately 30,000 remaining priests and 60,000 Jews in that country.

“It is important for us to understand and respect their culture” said Laurent Fabius, a former Socialist prime minister. “There is no higher sign of disrespect in Islam than the practicing of another religion and we now need to recognize that fact”. “For us to choose any other path than submission would only make us responsible for prolonging the violence and betray the French people’s rich history of capitulation.” When asked about the inherent violence associated with the planned ritualistic slaughter of almost 100,000 of the former-republic’s citizens, Fabius bristled that any condemnation of that policy is in itself as a sign of racist thinking and grotesquely insensitive to the needs of the Muslim community.

“That is the problem with you Americans!” “You always want to play the cowboy and you never consider the subtle nuances of surrender. This is something we know well and that emotion beats in the chest of every real Frenchman. Surrender is as instinctive to us as breathing.”

04 Nov 2005

From the Francifada

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