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02 Mar 2024

Annie Oakley Target


Annie Leibovitz
Annie Oakley’s Heart Target, Private Collection, Los Angeles, California, 2010

12 Jan 2017

Annie Oakley By Annie Leibovitz

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2010 Annie Leibovitz photograph depicts Annie Oakley 1920 Heart target with bullet hole.

16 Aug 2010

Annie Oakley’s 150th Birthday

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Annie Oakley’s 150th birthday was last Friday. They say she used to be to able split an edge-on playing card in two from 90′ (27.432 meters) with a .22.

She appeared in the 11th Kinetoscope movie made by Thomas Edison in his Black Maria [see Hans-Jurgen Syberberg’s Hitler: ein film aus Deutschland (1977)] studio, November 1, 1894. Annie Oakley’s shooting wasn’t really displayed at its best in the tiny studio, but it’s fascinating to see even 0:24 seconds of film made when Grover Cleveland was in the White house.

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