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26 Mar 2009


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NYM is a polite blog, and foul language is not acceptable in comments posted here.

Jake DeSantis’s letter of resignation provoked an extraordinary outpouring of opinion on both sides, and I actually took the trouble to **** out the worst examples and keep the comments otherwise intact. My normal policy is simply to delete any comments that feature foul language, and in future I’m returning to that policy.

Comments are welcome and appreciated, but readers ought to realize that they are writing formally and for a record potentially read by large numbers of people of mixed age and gender.

24 Jul 2008

Blog Commenters

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Typical Daily Kos commenter delivers a
well-reasoned rejoinder.

Daniel Libit discusses one of the curious features of the blogosphere, what he refers to as “the Commentocracy,” the critical mass of enthusiastic participants who not only read some of the most influential blogs (on both the left and the right), but who impact the political debate with their own contributions, some thoughtful and of high quality and others vulgar, violent, and obscene.

It’s not unusual these days for prominent commenters to develop their own readership, and to go on to become regular contributors to the blogs where they have been habituees, or to proceed to found new blogs of their own.

A certain number of blogs, in my opinion, tend to rely on the vehemence of their commenters’ responses to shield them from criticism or rebuttal. A hooting posse of blogospheric sycophants is virtually de rigeur on the left, but there are some conservative blogs which are also known to contain a comment mob.

04 Apr 2008

Delay in Comments Appearing

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Readers should be aware that blogs these days are absolutely flooded with Spam comments (advertising on-line casinos, insurance, prescription drugs, Viagra, and porn-sites). NYM receives hundreds a day, and Spam filtering software is not completely effective. Faute de mieux, I have recently started running multiple Spam filters. In most cases, comments not simply eliminated wind up in temporary storage, and I have to glance over them before they are allowed to appear. Consequently, a posted comment may not show up for most of a day sometimes. My apologies, but this state of affairs will prevail for a while (until I find a better solution).

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