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13 Mar 2015

Eagle: “I Eat Things Your Size, But Not Like You.” Cat: “I Eat Things Like You, But Not Your Size.”


“Carry on, Cat.” “Same to You, Eagle.”

29 Jan 2014

Alaska Pets on Porch

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Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

04 Dec 2013

Eagle Selfies

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In Australia, a juvenile White-breasted Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) found that somebody had lost a cool video camera near the crocodile-infested Margaret River.

Naturally, he picked it up, took it home, and took some selfies. Wouldn’t you?

Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

14 Aug 2013

Eagle Pictures

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Nice claws!


Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja)

25 Aug 2007

Kyrgyzstan Hunting Festival

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Taigan chases wolf at festival

The event was near the village of Bokonbayevo, some 186 miles east of the capital Bishkek, August 24, 2007. More then 20 hunters with dogs and eagles took part. The slideshow illustrates exhibitions of hunting with Taigans and Golden Eagles using domesticated wolves as the quarry. The Salburun (hunting) festival has been held annually since 1997.

Hat tip to Dr. Milton Ong.

08 Aug 2007

Falconry: Roe Deer with Eagle

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Steve Bodio links this short 0:10 video of an eagle taking a roe deer in the Czech Republic.

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