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14 May 2015

New Old Rug

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You can display old rugs like this as art.

Good old ones have lots of wear, or costs lots of thousands.

Close-up view of pattern.

Described by seller as an “antique Caucasian Gendje rug, 19th Century, size: 37” x 65”, natural, vegetable dyes, worn condition.”

JBOC’s notes on Gendje rugs.

I thought I’d post some photos, since Bird Dog over at Maggies’s Farm is an aficionado of old rugs. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you just how I came to appreciate shot-down old carpets exhibiting lots of wear.

06 Feb 2014

I Like His Carpets

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Henrik Nordenberg, The Artist’s Studio, 1891.

Hat tip to Madame Scherzo.

15 Apr 2009

The Aynard Carpet

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Aynard carpet, Mughal pashmina, Kashmir, circa 1630-1640. . 4′. 1 ” x 2′. 11 ” (124.5cm x 90cm). Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection, Madrid.

– Click on image for link to larger picture at web-site of Pakistan firm attempting to produce a reproduction.

One of the principal contributors at fellow boutique blog Maggie’s Farm has done several postings on the Oriental Rug, and I thought he’d enjoy a look at this particular example. I like rugs, too, but ours are all rolled up and stored away in our house right now, since we adopted a Basset Bleu de Gascoigne named Cadet. Dogs will reliably regurgitate the latest nasty thing they found out in the yard by preference right in the middle of your favorite and most expensive antique oriental rug.

[T]he Aynard carpet, considered one of the greatest pashmina knotted Mughal carpets, contains a bouquet of blossoms that resemble octopi floating languorously on a crimson sky filled with dragon-head chi clouds. Here, we enter the surreal world of the artist’s brilliant imagination, whose floral bouquet of voluptuous efflorescence sweeps us away into a metaphysical reverie.

Frank Ames.

14 Apr 2008

The Old Bazaar in Kashan, Iran

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Afshin Memarian photo
Timcheh Amin-o-Dowleh, Kashan Bazaar

Ahshin Memarian photographs the Old Bazaar in Kashan, Isfahan, Iran.

Kashan rugs

Mr, Memarian is a rug dealer. His commercial web-site is here.

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