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27 Feb 2011

Facial Composites

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Geekologie got these average facial composites of girls of different ethnicities (and put them in a more convenient format) from Dragon Horse.

I thought the Swiss, French, and Lithuanians seemed to have the best looking girls.

Update: Dragon Horse writes that Geekologie screwed up and mislabeled Argentina as South Africa.



Discover got composite female actress faces (Today versus Golden Age of Hollywood) from Dienekes actor composites from Dragon Horse.

Razib comments:

There seem to be two correlated trends here: 1) more feminine features for both males and females, and 2) more youthful features for both males and females. Correlated, because neoteny and masculinization seemed to generally push in opposite directions of trait value. Projecting in the future I assume that the Global Human Celebrity will converge upon a 14 year old girl?

Addendum: One difference between the “Golden Age” and modern celebrities is the attention to a rather buff physique. So though the actors of yore had more rugged faces, their physiques were often rather flabby in comparison to today’s leading men. So I might correct and assert that the future global celebrity will be a baby-faced 14 year old girl with abs to die for!

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