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01 Sep 2022

The Rule of Law in Portlandia

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19 Feb 2011

British Police on the Job, Protecting Criminals, Again

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Back in Queen Victoria’s day, when Britain was still sane, you could buy one of these to protect your garden shed. If he breaks in, he gets both barrels.

The Daily Mail recently reported on police in Surrey and Kent intervening to protect criminals from home owners.

Don’t put wire on your windows – it might hurt burglars! Villagers outraged after police order them not to protect garden sheds
Residents in Surrey and Kent villages have been ordered by police to remove wire mesh from their windows as burglars could be injured.

Home owners in the villages of Tandridge and Tatsfield in Surrey and in Westerham, Brasted and Sundridge in Kent have said they are furious that they are being branded ‘criminals’ for protecting their property.

Locals had reinforced their windows with wire mesh after a series of shed thefts but were told by community police officers that the wire was ‘dangerous’ and could lead to criminals claiming compensation if they ‘hurt themselves’.

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