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07 Jan 2020

Video 2: Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes

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16 Apr 2015

British Celeb Tweets Attack on Utah Huntress, Death Threats Follow

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British celebrity (I’d never heard of him) Ricky Gervais recently unleashed an international avalanche of personal abuse and even death threats at Utah huntress Rebecca Francis by a post on Twitter attacking her for taking a photograph of herself lying next to a trophy giraffe.

Hunting Life alerted Ms. Francis, who explained:

When I was in Africa five years ago I was of the mindset that I would never shoot a giraffe. I was approached toward the end of my hunt with a unique circumstance. They showed me this beautiful old bull giraffe that was wandering all alone. He had been kicked out of the herd by a younger and stronger bull. He was past his breeding years and very close to death. They asked me if I would preserve this giraffe by providing all the locals with food and other means of survival. He was inevitably going to die soon and he could either be wasted or utilized by the local people. I chose to honor his life by providing others with his uses and I do not regret it for one second. Once he was down there were people waiting to take his meat. They also took his tail to make jewelry, his bones to make other things, and did not waste a single part of him.”

In our contemporary world, any hunting trophy photograph, particularly a photo featuring a female hunter, can be relied upon to provoke passionate outrage on the part of the herd of urban douches who’ve been conditioned by entertainment industry Nature pimps to wallow in emotional self-indulgence over wild animals and who have grown to believe that meat is normally grown hydroponically on supermarket shelves.

NY Daily News story

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