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30 Jul 2015

“Sexetarianos”, the Controversial New Tribe Whose Members Do Not Have Sex with Carnivores



Señ reports that sanctimonious goofiness in European countries has recently risen to a brand-new level.

They are vegetarians or vegans who believe that their philosophy should not be limited to the plate but also extended to the bed. Admirable Environmental awareness, or ideological excess?

There are many ways to adopt a lifestyle more healthy and respectful of the ecosystem of our planet. While some people choose to join the ranks of vegetarianism and eliminate all foods of animal origin, others are stricter and, as in the case of vegans, eliminate any food of animal origin or involving animal exploitation. There are also the raw vegans, who are limited to eating only vegetables, seeds and other natural foods in their natural state: uncooked.

Well, there is now an even more extreme development: sexetarianos: vegetarians who choose not to have sex with carnivores. For them, it is not only an issue of ethics, but also of health. Many of these sexetarianos think it makes no sense to choose a healthy diet and an ethical course of conduct intended to end animal cruelty, if you proceed to ‘exchange fluids’ with someone who consumes animals and wind up ‘contaminating’ your healthy body.

The policy is apparently so strict that sexetarianos also avoid kissing, or coming into contact with the saliva, sweat, etc., of other humans who eat animal products.

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