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23 Nov 2019

Complaining Cambridge Snowflakes Force Removal of 17th Century Painting from Dining Hall

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Frans Syders, The Fowl Market, 1618, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.


A Cambridge college has removed a 17th century painting from the wall of its dining hall after students complained it was putting them off their food.

Hughes Hall reportedly received complaints from vegetarians students about The Fowl Market, which shows a collection of dead animals hanging from hooks.

The painting, by Flemish artist Frans Snyders, was on long-term loan from the university’s Fitzwilliam Museum but has now been taken down.

It has been replaced in the dining room by a work by Damian Hirst.

A spokesman for the museum told the Daily Telegraph: “Some diners felt unable to eat because it was on the wall. People who don’t eat meat found it slightly repulsive. They asked for it to come down.”


Millennials keep setting new records in pussification, don’t they?

The irony of replacing a Flemish still-life essentially depicting comestible abundance with some artwork by “Maggots Hatching into Flies,” “Sliced-up Cow and Calf,” “Dead Shark in Formaldehyde,” “Human Skull Covered in Diamonds” Damien Hirst is downright exquisite. Now, it will be the people who know good art who will suffer from deranged digestion.

30 Jul 2015

“Sexetarianos”, the Controversial New Tribe Whose Members Do Not Have Sex with Carnivores



Señ reports that sanctimonious goofiness in European countries has recently risen to a brand-new level.

They are vegetarians or vegans who believe that their philosophy should not be limited to the plate but also extended to the bed. Admirable Environmental awareness, or ideological excess?

There are many ways to adopt a lifestyle more healthy and respectful of the ecosystem of our planet. While some people choose to join the ranks of vegetarianism and eliminate all foods of animal origin, others are stricter and, as in the case of vegans, eliminate any food of animal origin or involving animal exploitation. There are also the raw vegans, who are limited to eating only vegetables, seeds and other natural foods in their natural state: uncooked.

Well, there is now an even more extreme development: sexetarianos: vegetarians who choose not to have sex with carnivores. For them, it is not only an issue of ethics, but also of health. Many of these sexetarianos think it makes no sense to choose a healthy diet and an ethical course of conduct intended to end animal cruelty, if you proceed to ‘exchange fluids’ with someone who consumes animals and wind up ‘contaminating’ your healthy body.

The policy is apparently so strict that sexetarianos also avoid kissing, or coming into contact with the saliva, sweat, etc., of other humans who eat animal products.

11 Aug 2014

No Room For Lions, Lefties Dream of a Peaceable Kingdom

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Nicholas James Pell, in Taki’s Magazine, deplores the radical Utopian Left’s desire to re-make predatory animals into vegetarians and remodel all of Nature into a “pan species welfare state.”

[O]ne of the curious things about leftist egalitarianism: it tends to eat everything in its path. The second you start believing that all men must be re-created equal, under penalty of law, the road to reasonable accommodations for people who think they’re elves or those who prefer to see multiple personality disorder as a lifestyle choice isn’t too long. And so we live in a world where grown men (or at least Ronan Farrow) get paid beaucoup bucks to go on television and bemoan the lack of ethnic diversity in cartoon smileys used by teenage girls for whom typing out whole words is too much of a bother.

Nor, when you accept the secular postmillennialist argument that humans need to wipe out every trace of injustice on Earth, is it that big of a leap to argue in favor of changing the genetic code of wild animals to make them stop eating meat—though it’s still not clear why the plan to eliminate suffering from the world doesn’t include anything about rescuing plants from consumption. Carnivorous animals, specifically lions, are singled out as “sociopathic killing machines.” David Pearce, the “independent philosopher” and transhumanist vegan who cooked up the Hedonistic Imperative, seems somewhat less interested in reprogramming carnivorous animals than he is in eliminating them.

To wit: “To judge that lions should exist is to affirm that it is better, in some sense, that sociopathic killing machines prowl the Earth rather than alternative herbivores.”

I’m somewhat sympathetic to the argument that people who have never field dressed an animal don’t get to to grouse about animal welfare.

Read the whole thing.

20 Jun 2009

Hitler Was a Veggie, Too

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Lydia Guevara, granddaughter of Ernesto “Che” Guevara of t-shirt fame, is posing for PETA.

Lydia Guevara poses semi-nude in a PETA campaign that tells viewers to “join the vegetarian revolution,” said PETA spokesman Michael McGraw.

The print campaign is expected to debut in October in magazines and posters, McGraw said. It will be launched first in Argentina, where Che Guevara was born, and then internationally. PETA approached the 24-year-old in recent months after finding out she was a vegetarian, McGraw said.

In the ad, Lydia Guevara wears camouflage pants, a red beret, and bandoliers of baby carrots while standing with one fist on her hip and the other outstretched.

12 Feb 2009

Anything Goes… But Not For Dinner!

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Until recent times, for most people, both food and sex were considerably less available than they are today.

In the Hoover Institute’s Policy Review, Mary Eberstadt meditates on the curious way in which, at the present time, the community of fashion has come to place a strongly principled ethical focus on eating, just when old-style sexual morality has been replaced by total latitudinarianism.


Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

28 Jan 2009

“Veggie Love”

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This PETA ad was too racy for NBC and was rejected for display during the Superbowl next Sunday.


NBC identified 8 forms of inappropriate female-and-botanical-item contact.

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