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21 Apr 2021

Snow Leopard


This is my idea of a great photo.

15 Dec 2016

There’s Cool And Then There’s Being a Mongolian with an AK-47 and a Pet Snow Leopard Cool

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24 Jul 2015

Find the Snow Leopard

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There is a snow leopard stalking these bharal blue sheep in this photograph taken in the Himalayas by Ingrid Vandyke. Click on the image, and try locating it in the larger version.

If you can’t find it, the Daily Mail has even bigger images and finally points it out.,

13 Feb 2014



Hat tip to Vanderleun.

01 Apr 2009

Snow Leopard Reported on the Loose in Poland

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Snow Leopard

(Not an April Fool’s joke:)

Reuters several days ago carried Polish reports of a large cat roaming the countryside and killing farmer’s pigs in the vicinity of the town of Opole in Upper Silesia. A brief glimpse of the predator was captured by a local on his cell phone camera. Reportedly, hair found at some of the kills was analysed and identified as that of a snow leopard (Panthera uncia).

Times of Malta:

Residents in south western Poland are living in fear of a mysterious predator blamed for attacking and killing livestock over the past few days.

The animal is thought to be a rare snow leopard. It’s has been sighted numerous times around Opole and has even been recorded on a mobile phone camera by a resident of Biala village. At another location, a driver informed the police that a big cat had jumped over his moving car while chasing a deer.

Reuters: 1:39 video

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