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16 Mar 2013

“The Parting Glass”

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Shane McGowan is so pickled that he can’t remember the lyrics completely accurately, but that doesn’t matter a bit.

16 Mar 2013

Even Irish Drag Queens Box

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Though, from their own accounts, not terribly well and with their minds on all sorts of other things. Bill/Muffy O’Brien‘s account of his/her adventures with the sweet science is certainly characteristically flamboyant and self-dramatizing. And the I-don’t-remember-anything-because-of-the-terrible-concussion is predictably and obviously intentionally evasive, but I still felt obligated to give him kudos for actually getting into the ring. Doing that much matters.

Via Fred Lapides. (How on earth does any guy who publishes so many female crotch shots come to be reading a gay sports site?)

16 Mar 2013

Irish Yoga

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The Irish perform yoga asanas slightly differently, yet with dedicated assiduity.

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