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11 Apr 2023

There Is, of Course, An Alternative to the Peaceful Transition of Power…

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Bill Otis, at Ringside at the Reckoning, identifies precisely why Alvin Bragg’s fabricated Trump Indictment is such a spectacularly outrageous violation of the American political process and could very well mark a key transition point in the transition from Republic to Empire.

How many zillion column inches of anguished outcry have we seen about the January 6 Capitol protesters, Donald Trump’s egging them on (which he did, there’s no use in denying it), and the damage it all did to America’s most hallowed tradition of governance — the peaceful transfer of power from one party to the (sometimes viscerally antagonistic) opposing party? Liberals and others have wailed daily for more than two years that it was Trump’s threatening and soiling this tradition that was by far the most grievous of his numerous grievous sins as President. ..

[I strongly disagree with the omitted short paragraph. DZ]

It’s now time to ask the critical question that Alvin Bragg’s indictment raises but, oddly, has been all but absent from public discussion over the last week: What exactly has made possible the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power?

It’s one thing above everything else — the losers’ faith that the winning party won’t use the power of government to put them in jail. Last week, that faith disappeared from America.

It disappeared courtesy of a radical DA in a one-party, Trump-hating jurisdiction. No matter what happens from here on in, America won’t be the same. It will be a darker place, and it will be darker whether or not Trump paid hush money to a porn star and whether or not that can be turned into a campaign finance violation — much less into roughly three dozen felonies. Throwing away the critical foundation of the most important tradition of American governance is not, and on any sane accounting cannot be, worth it.

This is not to say that Trump or any other office holder or former office holder should be above the law. They shouldn’t, lest another of our hallowed traditions — that the law is no respecter of persons — likewise be vanquished. But no one should be below the law either, and for a prosecutor to launch the enormous power of his office against a political enemy for a crime as technical, and on a legal theory as exotic, as this, is to operate in way that any mature and realistic person would recognize as being, not law, but giddy revenge.


Julius Caesar, recognizing that he would soon be facing the same kind of cooked-up charges and weaponized justice system that Donald Trump is currently facing, simply ignored the laws and crossed the Rubicon with his legions under arms.

10 Aug 2022

Welcome to the Banana Republic!


Dark Brandon.

Emerald Robinson notes that the Brandon Administration crossed the Rubicon and the days of the Constitutional Republic are over. Now we’re a country in which the government in power weaponizes law enforcement to proscribe opponents.

The United States is no longer a constitutional republic — but you knew that already if you’ve been paying any attention at all. The idea that the FBI should raid the home of a former president because some “records are missing from the archives” — Trump’s not fully in compliance with the Presidential Records Act! — is a charge so thin that it might as well be anorexic. We have long since passed the stage at which any excuses can be made for our national security state “public servants.” The mask has slipped. They mean to be our hidden rulers — they mean to pick and choose America’s public officials and politicians for the public — permanently.

The Biden regime is a tyranny, but it’s one that still needed the make-up and dress of a democracy to survive. Our election system is rigged, but our “selected” public officials were still desperate to hide the cheating.

No more.

The FBI and the DOJ just crossed the Rubicon. The Biden regime is going to arrest its political opponents on fabricated charges to avoid defeat in future elections. The Democrats are seizing power — and they don’t care if you notice now.

Welcome to the Banana Republic of Biden.


10 Aug 2022

Just Wait Until After the November Election, Dems

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