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24 Mar 2017

Photographer Looks Tasty


Pakistani photographer Atif Saeed got out of his car in a safari park to photograph a lion. The lion clearly thought the photographer looked delicious. Atif managed to snap this image before scrambling back into his car.

Bored Panda

08 Mar 2017

Alexey Kondakov Uses Photoshop

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To insert characters from Renaissance paintings into contemporary photographs with amusing results. Twisted Sifter

02 Mar 2017

Saber Duel


19 Feb 2017

Au Bon Coin

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Robert Doisneau, Au Bon Coin, Paris, 1945

07 Feb 2017

Please Close the Gate


24 Jan 2017



21 Jan 2017

Piping Plover (With Chicks)


Rare ten-legged Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus)

Hat tip to Bird Dog.

15 Jan 2017

Selfie, Bombay, 15 January 2016

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The big cat was prowling Aarey Colony, a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, when it tripped Nayan Khanolkar’s camera. The cat looks almost as surprised as Khanolkhar was. “When I saw a picture of the leopard with a look of inquiry in the direction of the camera, I realized it was special,” he says.

Khanolkar, a native of Mumbai [He means “Bombay”], began photographing urban leopards after one of the big cats killed a seven-year-old in 2013. He started in Aarey Colony, which sits at the edge of Sanjay Gandhi National Park — which covers 40 square miles and hosts more than 1,000 species, including leopards. It isn’t unusual for them to explore adjacent neighborhoods.

Still, the animals are sly and surreptitious, and difficult to photograph. Khanolkar started his hunt by identifying several locations where leopards often pass through Aarey Colony. For this photo, he set up an infrared motion sensor in an alley, attached a Nikon D700 to a nearby building, and positioned three strobes at various points throughout the area. Khanolkar visited the spot every few days to check his trap. After four months of waiting, he captured a stunning leopard creeping through the scene.

15 Jan 2017

Let It Snow


14 Jan 2017

Looks Like Business

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Belgian Farman F40 Reconnaissance Plane with Death’s Head Nacelle, pilot Lt. Jaunotte (left), observer Lt. Wooters.

12 Jan 2017

Annie Oakley By Annie Leibovitz

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2010 Annie Leibovitz photograph depicts Annie Oakley 1920 Heart target with bullet hole.

08 Jan 2017

Proposal Accepted

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William McMahon proposes December 22nd to Grace Maxwell Murphy while out with the Galway Blazers. Photo by Siobhán English.

This photo was deservedly promoted from Facebook to the Chronicle of the Horse Siobhán English is the best hunt photographer out there.

07 Jan 2017

Leopard on a Branch


02 Jan 2017

53rd Street & Fifth Avenue, 1915


St Thomas Church at 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue in midtown, Manhattan.

Photo taken circa 1915, from the H.N. Tiemann & Co photograph collection.

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