13 Jun 2006

Hadji Girl

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LGF is linking a terrific unmelted USMC song and video, called Hadji Girl, in which the dumb marine who understands no Arabic falls for the beautiful Hadji Girl, whose chorus goes (something like) “Dirka, dirka, Mohammed Jihad…,” clearly amounting to “Kill, kill, Mohammed! Jihad!…”

She lures the love-struck gyrene home to her family’s hooch, where her brother and father are waiting in ambush. The love-struck marine can’t decline her invitation, because he doesn’t speak Arabic. But when she opens the door, the marine hits the floor (he’s not that stupid), because her father and brother shout, “Dirka, dirka, Mohammed, Jihad..,” and open up with their AK-47s. The marine then “grabbed her little sister and put her in front of me.”

“As the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally,” and he leaps behind the TV.

As he shoots the whole gang, sending them “to Eternity,” he is singing at this point himself: “Dirka, dirka, Mohammed, Jihad…” ” Observing, as the moral, that “they should have known they were f**king with a Marine.”

This video has been around for quite a few months, but the gossipy old ladies of the MSM are throwing a hissy fit right now, because CAIR (the Council on America Islamic Relations) is making an issue over the Marine’s song’s political incorrectness.

Go kiss a camel, I’d suggest.

Can you imagine the German-American Bund, or the (Japanese) Black Dragon Society successfully making a public scandal over satirical Marine Corps songs composed during the struggle for Guadalcanal?

Note how the USMC audience recognizes with delight the words of the chorus, and breaks up.

(Song text corrected.)


CAIR took down the video of the song, but Michelle Malkin produced a video defending Corporal Belile and his song, which includes an improved version of the video, complete with scrolling text of the lyrics 15 June 2006.

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sallie parker

I went looking for the music video but all I could find on LGF was a clip of a fat man in a t-shirt, playing an acoustic guitar. The opening chords sounded like some crappy Adam Sandler song. Is THIS the notorious video, or it some guy singing the song from the notorious video?


Yes, it is.

sallie parker

Thank you, David. Clears it up good and proper.

simple person

you americans are going to hell after death because you did not follow the last prophet

Not so simple person

Hey Simple Person, you forgot to add “Durka durka, Muhammad , Jihad!” to your post.


The lyrics clearly state that the song is about insurgents commiting murder, not marines. Please don’t be so foolish as to jump the gun in the future.


sallie parker –

If you think thats “fat” on that marine…


…if you listen right…the song goes :
… i hit the floor because her father and brother shot her !!!! not as published :

because her father and brother shout…

listen carefuly !!!!



To Simple Person:
How can you psychos say anything when all your men screw and molest little boys and hate women? You scum don’t follow a religion whatsoever. If anything, we should nuke that entire region and send you straight to hell. You are nothing but a race of child molesters and our Marines should be allowed to run a bullet through every male skull that openly rapes children.


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