30 Sep 2006

Help for Angry Muslims

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In Whit Stillman’s 1994 film Barcelona, two American cousins, salesman Ted Boynton (Taylor Nichols) and Navy lieutenant Fred Boynton (Chris Eigeman) become involved with local girls Montserrat (Tushka Bergen) and Marta (Mira Sorvino), only to discover that both girls are also sleeping with Ramon, a glib anti-American journalist.

Discussing the situation with Montserrat, Fred makes a crucial discovery.

Montserrat: Ramon might not be as bad as you think. There’s a reason he has so many women. (pause) He has a problem.

Fred: What?

Monserrat: After he knows a woman well, he can’t have sex with her well.

Fred: He has a sexual impotence problem of some kind?

Montserrat: Of some kind.

Fred: That’s terrible. Poor guy. It explains a lot.

Montserrat: What?

Fred: It’s well-known that anti-Americanism has its roots in sexual impotence.

Recognition of the widespread nature of the problem is clearly growing, as this Levitra commercial features a new spokesman. (Warning: vulgarity)

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That truly explains it, finally makes sense!


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