27 Mar 2009

Teaching America to Hate

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A security guard at the Fairfield home of AIG Financial Products executive Douglas Poling reasoning with demonstrators, who are being egged on by the press

Elections have consequences. One conspicuous consequence of the last election is angry mobs at the front doors of suburban Connecticut homes. As if they were living in some Third World country, American executives in Fairfield County now need to protect their families with bodyguards.

AIG employees and their families became victims of mass hatred and were placed in real physical danger by deliberate policy crafted at the highest levels of the Government of the United States.

The Obama Administration and the corrupt democrat congress have cynically chosen to advance their socialist agenda by the left’s traditional tactic of divisive agitation.

Paul Kengor, at American Thinker, puts the AIG show trial into perspective.

“We must teach our children to hate,” Vladimir Lenin instructed his education commissars. The Bolshevik godfather declared that hatred was not only “the basis of communism” but “the basis of every socialist and Communist movement.”

Class envy has been a defining staple of the left for centuries, from the frenzied mobs leaping around the French guillotines to the Soviets to, well, the new masses circling AIG executives today. …

Historically, this behavior is both foreign and antithetical to the American experience. Unfortunately, modern Americans don’t understand their founding and the nation’s core principles — our educational system doesn’t teach those things. Thus, they are now voting, and behaving, in kind. And we are now witnessing our own homegrown socialist movement in action, inspired by hate.

Some Americans, whipped into poisonous hatred by their elected representatives, have literally called for death for AIG executives, and one U.S. senator openly requested that these businesspeople commit suicide.

Liberals in Congress, from Senator Chuck Schumer to Senator Chris Dodd, plus a wild gaggle of unleashed central planners in the House, have conducted a show trial of AIG executives, with the larger purpose of placing American free enterprise in the dock. …

As members of Congress target the likes of AIG chief executive Edward Liddy, mobs target the homes of AIG employees in Connecticut. …

AIG workers are being demonized, noted the Times; they are hiring bodyguards. And it isn’t only AIG. Merrill Lynch is dealing with similar assaults.

And that’s just the start. It’s only a matter of public exposure until another group of private-sector “reptiles” — Lenin’s word — is identified for the proletariat. Congress and the White House will be happy to call out the next group of kulaks. …

[T]he mob wants someone’s head on a platter — now. Time to eat the rich. Perhaps our dear leader, President Obama, can go to Connecticut to play the role of healer, addressing the faithful, calming their fears, a political sermon on the mount. Blessed would be the peacemaker.

But not yet — for now, this hate is just too excellent, too perfect for advancing the agenda of the leftist ideologues and envy-mongers running the republic.

Who’s to blame? The American people are to blame. I’m tired of the populist nonsense from talk-radio on how Americans “deserve better than this.” They do? Why? They voted for this. Obama is being Obama. Pelosi is being Pelosi. Schumer is being Schumer. The American people cast the ballots.

You reap what you sow. Enjoy the hate, America. You elected it.

Read the whole thing.

One Feedback on "Teaching America to Hate"

Gary Cady

“Teaching Americans To Hate”
I can find no fault with your title, “Teaching Americans to hate”, although this hatred we are so aghast about has been alive and well for generations. The landing at Plymouth Rock, The Witch hunts at Salem and beyond, the American Revolution, The Spanish American war, The American Civil War, The unjust Indian wars, The mass exodus of humanity plying for free government land to open the way west to the pacific-sea to shing sea, More Indians Murdered out of hatred for not being more like us settlers, The Modern wars- WW1-WW2-Korean War-Vietnam War, Race riots, The unrest in the Urban jungles where the weak die weak and the strong rule strong, Police beatings that went unreported until Rodney King was video taped-hatred unrepented, all of this were perpetuated on the simple basis of hate, with a sprinkling of greed.
Yes, hatred may seem new now, it is almost surreal to see modern day man acting in a way that harkens back to our primal instincts, fists clenched in anger, lips pulled back as with a primal snarl, throat taut with screams yet heard, muscles tight as to pounce upon said prey. This is the hatred we fear, this is the hatred that we have had since the days we quit walking on four limbs and rose above the rest of the mammalian population to stride upright on two legs. But i dare say we have yet to learn one thing since we have achieved our present day posture, control. We cannot control our baser needs, hatred, greed, jealously We covet blood for ones trangressions. We cry out in disbelief that one group got their share of the pie, but in the same whispered breath we scream!, where is our slice!. So, we hate some more, we hate that they got the money, while we the people, got none. He, our duly elected President Mr. Obama, senses this unnerving shift in the pulse of the people and decides now is the time to fan the winds of dischord, not hate. Mr. Obama feels now is the time to get the eyes off of his failing fiscal policys, unfullfilled campaign promises and takes direct aim at none other than AIG, who better to avert unwanted attention than a so called money grubbing company?, yes, you are right, AIG.
Now one has to wonder how long will this hatred run for?, will it stay the course?, if so how long and to what ends?. That depends on the people, we humans, us, the intelligent animal. Do we allow ourselves to be manipulated and whipped into a frenzy at every word from President Obamas mouth, or that of his elected cabinet?, or do we, we humans, in all our superior intellect control our primal instincts and act as we should, the proper care takers of our destinys and behave like we have control over our thoughts, our emotions, and act, if you will indulge this thought, human?…The choice is still ours, live like civil human beings and forget targeting one group of people because they have and we don’t, or do we follow our call to harm our fellow man, his wife, his children, his inlaws, his parents, Gramma and Grampa. I vote for peace, long for it, i need this peace. If i have to live my life driven by a vehement hatred…then i would prefer not to live at all.
Peace or Hatred, sound them out in your head, purse your lips and feel which one rolls off your lips more smoothly, feel the hatred dissipate whilst gently repeating this simple word…peace…peace…peace…


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