17 Aug 2013

Coping With Rejection

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Brits do it so well.

Hat tip to Steve Bodio.

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peter horne

Dylan Moran isn’t British. Why do Yankoids have such problems with simple geography? How ’bout we call all Yankoids Mexicans? How’d that be?


Perhaps one could be forgiven the crime of assuming an Irish man, a citizen of Scotland is British. Do all Brits have thy inferiority complex, or is it just you Biggles?

peter horne

You claim an Irishman is a citizen of Scotland? Are you insane? Are you so completely ignorant? You Are demented.
No wonder so m any people sneer at Yankoid ignorance and stupidity.


Naturally, being American, I had never previously heard of Dylan Moran and did not inquire into his origins and place of nativity. According to Wikipedia, though born in Ireland, his career as a comedian seems to have taken place in the UK.

American with a map and British family

Dylan Moran, born in County Meath a few miles south of Northern Ireland, is not British by birth. He is indeed a resident of Scotland and therefore of Britain, however. As to citizenship, well, there isn’t any public information on that that is easily found. One might assume that he at least has permanent residency in the UK since he is said to have settled there with his wife and children.

One does hope, Mr. Horne, that you yourself are not confusing ‘British’ with ‘English’. It is a common mistake among the ignorant, of whom we are to be assured you are not, I suppose.

Fred Z

Who cares whether he’s a Brit or not. He’s an unfunny jerk.


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