17 Aug 2013

Just Like That

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Hat tip to Policy Gal.

One Feedback on "Just Like That"


I have friends who voted for Obama and were quite happy when he won in 2008. Talked him up at every opportunity. They haven’t mentioned his name in my presence for about three years now, LOL.

I have another Liberal friend who volunteered to help “get out the vote” in a large and diverse California city in 2008. He showed up a few days before the election and the Democrat party trained him in his new job. He was to drive a 15 passenger van through the bad part of the city and meet a “handler” at various points in the city and ferry the “handler” and passengers to a voting place. But oh boy was he suprised on election day. When he showed up the “handler” had 6-10 homeless, smelly, somewhat crazy, drunks/dopers homeless men. As he drove them to the polling place the “handler” gave each of the men a card showing them their names (the names to give the polling officials) and who they were to vote for. While waiting at the polling place my friend asked the “handler” if this was legal to which the handler said “you just shut up and do your job and we will get along just fine”. When these “voters” came out after voting the “handler” directed my friend to the next polling place where again each man was handed a card with his new name on it and who he should vote for. They did this for about 3-5 polling places and then brought back to the street corner where they were picked up and each man was handed cash (my friend thinks $50 each) and an EBT card. Then my friend was directed by his “handler” by phone to the next street corner where he picked up a new group of “voters”. He did this all day until the polls closed. What an eye opener. He did not volunteer in 2010 or 2012. I suspect he voted for Obama in 2012 but he is no longer a “proud” democrat.


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