20 Jul 2014

German Compared to Other Languages

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German vs. Other Languages | robertbyron22

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That is soooo true. I lived in Germany for years and the Germans I worked with would all take a break in the moring and drink beer and talk loudly. I swear to god I thought they were planning a revolution to take place immediately. But as I learned German I discovered that not on is the language very guttural and heavily accented but the words themselves don’t lend themselves to any “nice” pronounciation. It just so happens that Germans get excited and loud about common everyday things like who has the right of way while driving or which beer is better and they love to argue about it. Conversely I also learned French and lived in France for awhile and although everything they say sounds like a lover trying to seduce their partner, in fact they are far less serious about most thing in life then the Germans with the one exception being food.

One last thing, Germans loved American swearing. I can still hear one of my co-workers who just loved to say “what is this fucking shit”. But it sounds so different coming from a German with their heavy accenting and spitting out the word “shit”.


A friend once told me that her son decided to study German in high school because it was the nearest thing he could find to Klingon.


I love it!, I lived in Germany for three years from 1967 to 1970. The Army gave me a spoken German course so I had just enough Kraut to get some food, a place to stay and ask directions, not much more.

When I would visit with Germans a lot of them could speak passable English and they would try to put me on the spot by asking me why my German was so bad when they could speak English. My reply was always the same, we won the war!

I Want To Speak German | The Adaptive Curmudgeon's Blog

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