09 Dec 2014

Senate Democrats Arm the Left With Partisan Intelligence Report

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Spence (Sean Bean): – lnterrogation.

Sam (Robert De Niro): – What ?

Spence: – Methods to withstand interrogation.

Sam: – You’ve done that ?

Spence: -We were taught to hold out indefinitely.

Sam: – Nobody can hold out indefinitely.

Spence: – Ah, is that so ?

Sam: -Everybody has a limit. l spent some time in interrogation… once.

Spence: – They make it hard on you ?

Sam: – They don’t make it easy.

– Yeah, it was unpleasant. l held out as long as l could.

– All the stuff they tried.

– You just can’t hold out for ever.

– lmpossible.

Spence: – How’d they finally get to you ?

Sam: – They gave me a grasshopper.

Spence: – What’s a grasshopper ?

Sam: -Let’s see… That’s two part gin, two part brandy, one part crème de menthe…

–“Ronin” (1998).


What Sam mockingly tells the pretender Spence in “Ronin” (1998) is a truth generally recognized by all adults in the military & the intelligence community: Nobody can resist all forms of coercive interrogation indefinitely.

There is, however, serious dissent on this obvious truth from the left-wing democrat party establishment, and particularly from prominent portions of the Gay commentariat.

Democrats, having just lost control of the Senate, are leaving power in the manner of dead skunk, leaving a terrible odor behind them, with today’s cynical publication of a totally partisan official intelligence report, concluding that enhanced interrogation (not even the trained attack caterpillar!) never worked, the CIA allegedly misinformed the rest of the government about the results of enhanced interrogation, the CIA roughed up some of the prisoners in manners and forms displeasing to the sensibilities of Senate democrats, confinement conditions were bleak, and the CIA was generally naughty, misleading, evasive, and destructive both to good government and the standing of the US in the world(!).

It is a total hatchet job, and it will be interesting to watch over time what the CIA does to democrats, particularly to Nancy Pelosi, in response.

Jose A. Rodriquez Jr. ran the CIA Interrogation Program, and he responded, back in April, to what was obviously coming.

On Thursday, the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to declassify and release hundreds of pages of its report on U.S. terrorist interrogation practices. Certain senators have proclaimed how devastating the findings are, saying the CIA’s program was unproductive, badly managed and misleadingly sold. Unlike the committee’s staff, I don’t have to examine the program through a rearview mirror. I was responsible for administering it, and I know that it produced critical intelligence that helped decimate al-Qaeda and save American lives.

The committee’s staff members started with a conclusion in 2009 and have chased supportive evidence ever since. They never spoke to me or other top CIA leaders involved in the program, or let us see the report.

In other words, that report is just a partisan crock.

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A pure political move to smear Bush and by implication all Repubicans especially Jeb Bush who may well be the Republican candidate in 2016. Everyone knows the report is fabricated. Everyone knows that the claim that enhanced interrogation failed is totally wrong. But none of this matters because the MSM will make sure this gets hung around the neck of the Republicans in 2016.
But what if as expected the terrorist use this report as an incentive to go out and kill Americans? Then the MSM will have to cover it up and explain it away.



About the MSM having to “cover it up and explain it away”. How about a distraction. You up for a new video about Muhammed?


The premise of the Democrat senators seems to be

1) That they are in a position to know better than field agents what interrogation methods are effective
2) That the CIA opts to use ineffective methods of interrogation. Why would they do that? Just because they’re fun?

There’s actually a third possibility, and that is that Democrats don’t want the interrogations to be effective.


There is a fourth possibility; that the people behind this report want to weaken the CIA and national defense in general. Who authored the report? It was put out by Democrats but who wrote it? Considering the extremely friendly relationship between the Democrats and openly communist organization in the U.S. could this report be pure propaganda intended to harm our country? We cannot know that without knowing who wrote it and then looking into their associations and affiliations. For all we know this report was written by CAIR. One of the things I would say in reply to those who think this is good because in a free society the public deserves to know what their government is doing is this; Where is the sunshine on Sen Feinstein’s funneling money and contracts to her husband? Why isn’t there sunshine on this?


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