17 Apr 2016

Suppose I Self-Identify as a 6-Foot-Five Chinese Woman?

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Today’s college students ponder the question.

5 Feedbacks on "Suppose I Self-Identify as a 6-Foot-Five Chinese Woman?"


The most frightening person is the guy who says he’s open to debate on the 6’5″ question. In an environment where all opinions are equally valid, the more persuasive debate argument can prevail (which is why we have support for minimum wages and yuge tariffs).

And then there’s the poor guy in the W hat who actually knows that he’s not a tall Chinese woman, but has been thoroughly trained at UW to feel guilty about being “judgmental”.


Of course this is the inevitable result of the original decision to deny common sense and logic for the favored beliefs. In an odd way I will admit I do not have a problem with anyone accepting and abiding by rules that defy common sense as long as they know and understand that is what they are doing. The only proper response to the rule allowing men to undress in front of girls in bathrooms or locker rooms is that I understand that the ruling party has required that we believe in this and publicly accept it so I do but obviously we all know it is pure BS. Imagine if each of those students had said instead that; sure its stupid but that’s what society has forced on us so that’s what we must do. Still a little ‘wimpy’ but at least honest and not brainwashed.


“You can believe anything you want about yourself, but if you think you are a 6’5″ chinese woman and you undress in a locker room in front of my daughter, by the time I’m finished with you, you will be a 5’6″ white pile of male trash quivering in abject terror.”

Jerry The Geek

There’s something wrong with a society where our College Kids .. who supposedly are paying Good Money to learn how to THINK … are afraid to THINK!

Whatever happened to that great American Phrase: “Bull SHIT!”


Yes, there is something wrong and it’s systemic, but lets keep voting for the same people the system provides for us, the same people who made the system. It would be unseemly to do otherwise.


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