17 Oct 2016

Trumpkins: “You’ve Got to Vote for Trump. The Supreme Court…”

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3 Feedbacks on "Trumpkins: “You’ve Got to Vote for Trump. The Supreme Court…”"

Seattle Sam

An economist would put it this way. Trump supporters derive a high level of utility from being able to more openly vent their frustrations.

And sometimes a child DOES feel better after throwing a tantrum — even if his parents send him to his room.


Do I smell a whiff of condescension or a bucket full of poo.
Now that a candidate has had the guts to state what should be obvious about the direction the country is taking, the GOP is going to change or whither away.
I think many GOP elites are fine with that, as long as their sinecures continue and they can preen over their intellectual superiority.

Seattle Sam

I don’t think it’s condescending to point out that Trump is going to do what few others could — lose to Hillary Clinton. Marco Rubio, for instance, would be way ahead of her at this point. And if he weren’t, then you’re surely not going to beat the Democrats when they’re running an attractive, (more) honest candidate.


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