26 Apr 2017

If You Watch This Video, You’ll Be Sorry

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Bill Nye the Science Guy (if anyone were ever tempted to accept this bozo as an authority on “climate change,” just refer them to this) introduces Rachel Bloom who sings (in the intrinsically annoying rap style) the bizarre recent perspective of the Community of Fashion Establishment that holds that sex is not binary, there is some kind of spectrum (if so I’m on the very extreme male end), and whatever “feels right” (boy scout uniforms, 1936 Bendix wringer-type washing machines, mashed potatoes and dwarves?), go for it!

3 Feedbacks on "If You Watch This Video, You’ll Be Sorry"

Seattle Sam

This is bad on so many levels. How does Bill Nye think this does not subtract from his already limited credibility?

Seattle Sam

BTW, did you notice that Bill Nye called his audience “guys”?


A pansy who lived in Khartoum , took a lesbian up to his room. They argued all night, over who had the right, to do what, and with which, and to whom.


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