05 Apr 2018

Muslim Woman: “Too Many Finns in Finland”

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But she has the answer to the problem…

HT: VDare.

4 Feedbacks on "Muslim Woman: “Too Many Finns in Finland”"


Blend in!!! Has she looked in the mirror? She is the one not blending in.

I could be wrong about this but my understanding is that the Quran does not mandate the hijab and in general Islam does not mandate it. It is a result of the ultra conservative Islam that women wear them not simply the religion. Some/many Muslim women choose not to wear them once they are outside of the conservative Muslim countries. I do get the feeling that when the hijab is not required by the conservative Muslim leaders that the women choose to do so EXACTLY so that they do not blend in. It is an in your face decision intended to and hoping to evoke a negative reaction which will allow them to play the victim.

Steve Gregg

I’ve read Muslim immigrants in America complain that it would be better if there were more Muslims. However, if there were more Muslims, America would be a Muslim shithole like the one they fled, eh?


One can only hope that rag freezes to her head come December.

Seattle Sam

I will continue to issue this challenge to the mindless parrots like this woman. Please provide evidence for your claim that more Muslims is good for Finnish society.


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