05 Apr 2018

The Age of the Whiny Victim

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Brett Stevens points out that, in an Age of Leftism, everyone wants to be a victim.

It is amazing how many people will approve of a concept that “sounds good” without understanding what it means. Take, for example, the term “equality.”

On the surface, equality sounds like this: treat everyone the same regardless of their background, or in other words, be fair. People think that is all that it means, but forget that life does not happen in a single step, but in cycles.

Here is the equality cycle: when we declare equality, we are setting ourselves up for failure if results are unequal despite fair treatment. For that reason, we give the people who are not succeeding a little nudge, hoping it will make them rise at least to the middle.

If we do not do that, then unequal results make us question the term “equality” at all. When people talk about inequality in wages despite different rates of individual productivity, they are caught in this stage. Results did not match expectations, and so people seek to inject subsidies in the mix.

These subsidies can be as simple as giving the poor kid more leeway in grading his papers at school, as moderate as social services which are free but mostly used by lower-income people, or as extreme as taxing the upper half of society to subsidize the lower half. Yet they always seem to drift toward that level.

In that, we see the feedback loop: each time results do not match the theory, we tip the scales a bit, but that does not work either. We tip the scales more in consequence, and then begin the cycle again. It never ends until something like full Communism comes around the bend, and then everyone is finally equal in theory.

For those caught in the middle of these loops, only one solution presents itself: be a victim.

We know that “equality” invariably and inevitably becomes a pathology of taking from the strong to give to the weak, so the only safety is in finding some way to be weak. You can be a minority, gay, disabled, abused, addicted, ill or mentally ill, or even just depressed, but you need something or the mob of the weak will come for you.

Thus we create a culture of entitlement and victimhood where the victims are entitled and therefore being a victim is valuable if for nothing else in fending off the demands of others who want subsidies with what you have.


3 Feedbacks on "The Age of the Whiny Victim"

Steve Gregg

I recall some twenty or so years ago, some Dallas council women were talking up how oppressed women were, only for the black council men to object that blacks were far more oppressed. The rest of the council meeting was a fight over who was more oppressed. I’m not sure who won but Dallas was the loser.

Seattle Sam

Democrats have astutely calculated that the number of people who are below average in some attribute is a very large number. They promise that if you give them enough power they can make everyone above average — or, failing that, extract compensation from the above average. This is much more appealing than “get over it”.

Seattle Sam

I’ve been reading Henry Bushkin’s book about Johnny Carson. In it he quotes Carson talking about Nebraskans. “Tough as nails the people from Nebraska. Whiners wouldn’t last a year there. They can put up with all the shit nature throws at them.” I think that’s one of the reasons there’s such a disconnect between Midwesterners and the Democrats. They see their constituencies as a bunch of whiners who can’t even endure being “offended”.


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