19 Jul 2018

Kipling’s “If” Removed from University Wall by Students

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He is regarded as one of England’s greatest writers, whose poems were praised as the nation’s favourites and whose books were lauded as classics of children’s literature.

But it appears that Rudyard Kipling has fallen out of favour with today’s generation of students, after it emerged that his “If” poem has been scrubbed off a building by university students who claim he was a “racist”.

Student leaders at Manchester University declared that Kipling “stands for the opposite of liberation, empowerment, and human rights”.

The poem, which had been painted on the wall of the students’ union building by an artist, was removed by students on Tuesday, in a bid to “reclaim” history on behalf of those who have been “oppressed” by “the likes of Kipling”.

In lieu of Kipling’s If, students used a black marker pen to write out the poem Still I Rise by Maya Angelou on the same stretch of wall.

    today, as a team, we removed an imperialist’s work from the walls of our union and replaced them with words of the maya angelou – god knows black and brown voices have been written out of history enough, and it’s time we try to reverse that, at the very least in our union ✊🏽 pic.twitter.com/VT5N3zlfyN
    — Fatima Abid (@fatimabidSU) July 16, 2018

Sara Khan, the liberation and access officer at Manchester’s students’ union (SU), blamed a “failure to consult students” during the renovation of the SU building for the Kipling poem being painted on the wall in the first place.

“We, as an exec team, believe that Kipling stands for the opposite of liberation, empowerment, and human rights – the things that we, as an SU, stand for,” Miss Khan said.


3 Feedbacks on "Kipling’s “If” Removed from University Wall by Students"


Next, lets tear up the terms of my child support agreement.
Oh, wait……


“The liberation and access officer”?

What the hell has happened? How has it come to the punch line of some dystopian sci-fi novel?

jerry the geek

Kipling was a product of his time .. but if he wrote today, I have confidence that he would boldly state his opinion even if it was considered “Unpopular” … because he never yielded to Popular Opinion.

It is a sad day when a genius is bowdlerized by the Intelligentsia because they don’t like his opinion. He didn’t live long enough to see his works denigrated by lesser minds, and the man who wrote “IF” stands even today above those who have no respect for different opinions.

Rudyard Kipling is blessed by having died before the petty people were born.


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