24 Jun 2021

Crazy Academia Story of the Week

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Daily Mail:

A liberal arts college in Massachusetts has warned its students and faculty against using ‘violent language’ – even banning the phrase ‘trigger warning’ for its association with guns.

Brandeis University in Waltham has created an anti-violence resource called the Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center which provides information and advice to students and staff.

It lists words and idioms, including ‘picnic’ and ‘rule of thumb,’ which it claims are ‘violent’ and suggests dreary alternatives such as ‘outdoor eating’ for the former and ‘general rule’ for the latter. …

In addition to its page of ‘violent language’ the college has a whole section dedicated to ‘oppressive language,’ which includes ‘identity-based language,’ ‘language that doesn’t say what we mean,’ ‘culturally appropriative language’ and ‘person-first alternatives’

“Violent language” list.


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Seattle Sam

What you’re seeing here is the WokeOlympics. It’s a bit like gymnastics. In order to win, you have to invent new contortions that are stranger than your competition. In the WokeOlympics you have to find more micro-nits to complain about in order to be “superior”. At some point (probably not far off) they will complain that the entire English language is oppressive.


I can’t believe Brandeis University is resurrecting that hoary (or is it hairy?) feminist trope about the rule of thumb having to do with wife-beating. An adult man’s thumb is roughly an inch wide, which comes in handy if you need an approximate measurement.

As for the English language, of course it is oppressive – it was invented by white people. The fact that English has become our planetary language is surely a sign of just how awful it is.

A. Squaretail

Another school vying for the right to call itself “The Stupid University.” Pretty soon we’ll only be hiring from Ag schools.


That rule of thumb nonsense was made up some time in the 1970’s.


“Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center”

It would be more accurate as the Center for Resources, Advocacy and Prevention (C.R.A.P.)


The problem seems to be that understanding the original term requires some mental ability to deal with an indirect reference. That is too adult for these children who need some “Dick and Jane” simplicity. As in simple rules from their boss that eliminate any need for thought.

Ira Kassabaum

keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.


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