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17 Jul 2016

For Urban Hipsters

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Not sure what bothers me more……

The fact that Menards thinks they can sell 8″diameter/9 inch high logs for $9.99….

Or that I saw some hipster in fake work boots loading 4 into his cart.

Or 1) that these are unsplit and so large in diameter that you will have to have a fire already going well with a good bed of coals before there is any possibility of getting any of them lit. They are too short for a fireplace and they all need to be split.


2) They are all birch (!). Get one of these logs lit finally, and poof! it will be gone in a ridiculously short interval of time.

Not only are these pieces of alleged firewood ridiculously priced, they are useless as firewood.

Via Vanderleun.



Commenter Hammond Aikes knows more about these than I did. I thought they were just logs. But “Bonfire Log” is a brand name. They are actually chemically-treated artificial logs, which will light readily and burn 1 1/2 hours in the Regular size, 2 1/2 hours in the Jumbo.

04 Dec 2012


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In Russia, it’s clear that it matters not only how much firewood you’ve got, but also how creatively you can stack it.

Firewood 1

(It’s Russia. There is no Number 2.)

Firewood 3

Firewood 4

Firewood 5

Firewood 6

Firewood 7

Firewood 8

Firewood 9

Firewood 10

Firewood 11

Firewood 12

Firewood 13

Firewood 14

Firewood 15

Firewood 16

Firewood 17

Hat tip to Bernard Bernatonis.

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