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22 Feb 2016

Jeb Pulls Out



17 Feb 2016

Jeb Bush Tries Buttering Up Gun Owners

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WaPo says that Jeb’s roscoe is an FN .45 ACP which would make it an FNX-45 or an FNX-Tactical. But it hasn’t got a bright, stainless slide or a threaded barrel extension, so it must be an FNS-9 or an FNS-40.

The inscribed name suggests that it was a presentation piece from the company. I wonder if the Governor has ever fired it.

15 Feb 2016

SNL’s Most Recent Update on the Presidential Campaign

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13 Jan 2015

Best Line of the Day

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Jim Geraghty (via email) this morning:

Here’s the good news, Republicans. Mitt Romney is running to save the party from nominating Jeb Bush, and Jeb Bush is running to save the party from nominating Mitt Romney. It’s as if O. Henry moved into political coverage.

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