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12 Apr 2015

Too Close For Comfort



Pakistani photographer Atif Saeed got this excellent close-up of a lion at a safari park near Lahore. The photographer then barely managed to get into his car before Simba nailed him. io9

18 May 2014

Lions vs. Blesbok

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14 Dec 2013

Don’t Pick on This Cape Buffalo’s Friend


02 Nov 2013

“Anybody Have a Can-Opener?”

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Feeding time at the Orana Wildlife Park, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Via Ratak Monodosico.

21 Aug 2013


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28 Jun 2013

Our Cat Plays With Toilet Paper, Too

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Via Theo.

06 May 2012

Poor Frustrated Lion

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28 Dec 2011

Hazardous Job

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Twice a week an employee of the Dushanbe Zoo (Tajikstan) walks with a lion cub, Vadik, while holding a piece of meat to attract his attention so that he heels.

Via Fred Lapides.

29 May 2009

Today’s Animal Behaviorist; Tomorrow’s Lunch

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South Africa’s Kevin Richardson is following in the footsteps of such other renowned animal behaviorists as Timothy Treadwell.

2:41 video

Hat tip to Gwynnie.

21 May 2007

Lions versus Buffalo (and Crocodiles)

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African video of lions attempting to take young Cape Buffalo.

8:23 video

I think Glenn Reynolds would say that those Cape Buffalo behaved like “a pack, not a herd.”

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