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09 Jan 2021

Big Brother Cracks Down

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Gateway Pundit:

Big tech has launched an unprecedented and coordinated cyber attack on President Donald Trump and his 74,000,000 voters.

As this was happening — the GOP was dead silent.

On Friday, Twitter permanently banned hundreds, if not thousands, of Trump supporters and prominent allies — before banning the president himself. Nearly every account that helped to promote the Stop the Steal rallies or challenge the election results were banned, including Ali Alexander, Michael Coudrey, Gen. Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood. Countless smaller accounts that supported the president were also getting suspended in a seemingly constant rate.

The same has been happening over on Facebook and Instagram.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Twitter Bans President Donald Trump — PERMANENTLY

At the same time, Parler was warned by both the Apple and Google stores that if they did not impose moderation on their free speech platform within 24 hours they would be banned entirely.



Patriot Daily Press:

The Trump campaign is now blocked from emailing their millions of supporters after being suspended by their email service provider.
The suspension comes shortly after President Donald Trump and his campaign were permanently banned from Twitter.

The email service, Campaign Monitor, confirmed the suspension of the account to Financial Times’ Dave Lee.

The Nationalist Review reports “the move effectively cuts off communication between his team and his core supporters. What is not clear however, is what other services have banned his team. The Trump campaign sends out a massive amount of emails—33 in January so far. But, it has been 48 hours since the campaign has reached out to its supporters via email, prompting most journalists to speculate that other providers have shut off access as well.”


Rush Limbaugh left Twitter and deactivated his own account, protesting Trump’s suspension.


Andrea Widburg notes:

Snapchat locked Trump’s account.
Shopify removed Trump’s organization and campaign store.
Michelle Obama called on all tech companies to ban President Trump.
Facebook deleted the Walk Away movement page, including 500,000 Walk Away testimonials.
Twitter banned General Flynn.
Twitter banned Sidney Powell.
Google’s YouTube terminated Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast while 500,000 were watching in real-time.
Twitter permanently banned President Trump’s personal account.
The Gateway Pundit says that Twitter banned hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other lesser-known sites that challenged election results.
The Trump campaign’s email service has banned the campaign from its platform.

a lot of people have said for a long time that conservatives should leave those hostile, censorious platforms. There are free speech alternatives, most notably Parler (a Twitter alternative), Me-We (a Facebook alternative), Gab (another Twitter alternative), and Rumble (a YouTube alternative). Considering that we are the product, why in the world were we giving ourselves away for free?

And finally, on Friday, Trump apparently did go to Parler. The tech giants, though, were ready. Because Parler is a bulletin board, not a publisher, it does not moderate “parleys.” Google has therefore removed Parler from the App store for “user safety.” Apple is threatening to do the same unless Parler starts acting like the other tech companies and censors speech Democrats find offensive. Amazon is also making noises about deplatforming Parler.

This is what happens when private enterprise becomes the town square. It seemed to make sense in a time when the mainstream media was manifestly biased. It never occurred to people that the tech corporations would be just as biased, only with even more power. We currently have a situation in all the President has no avenues of communication because corporations have silenced him. Joseph McCarthy was a piker compared to today’s Democrats.

18 Dec 2020

It Has Happened Here

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The anonymous professor forwards:

YouTube has announced that it will ban content that questions the fairness or legitimacy of the 2020 election. This is ominously Orwellian. Matt Taibbi comments from the left:

If you want a population of people to stop thinking an election was stolen from them, it’s hard to think of a worse method than ordering a news blackout after it’s just been demonstrated that the last major blackout [Hunter Biden laptop] was a fraud.

30 Oct 2020

Big Tech

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16 May 2020

YouTube Working for Beijing

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Taiwan News:

Chinese netizens on Wednesday (May 13) discovered that YouTube is automatically blocking the Chinese term “communist bandit” within 15 seconds.

On Wednesday, human rights activist Jennifer Zeng posted a video of a person entering the epithet “communist bandit” (共匪) in the comment box beneath a YouTube video. Within 15 seconds after posting the comment, it mysteriously and inexplicably disappears.

The term is an anti-communist insult which was first coined by the Kuomintang in the early 20th Century and was used extensively by the Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) government during the martial law era in Taiwan. The Chinese character “å…±” (gong), is short for 共產主義 (gongchan zhuyi, communism), while the character “匪” (fei) means “bandit,” and was used extensively during China’s Warlord Era.

Taiwan News typed the term in Chinese characters in the comment box in a few different YouTube videos and indeed within 15 seconds, the comment had been automatically excised. It is not clear why YouTube is automatically censoring this word.

YouTube has recently started to demonetize content that is critical of the Chinese Communist Party and China’s handling of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

17 May 2018

“Cobra Kai”

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YouTube premiered its first hit on May 8th: “Cobra Kai” — a ten-episode sequel to “The Karate Kid” (1984) which takes up the story of Danny LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence 34 long years later. Season 2 has already been commissioned.

Rolling Stone describes how the new show got started.

24 Mar 2018

YouTube’s Hypocrisy

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29 Jun 2017

YouTube Stunt Results in Darwin Award

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Monalisa Perez and the late Pedro Ruiz.


Monalisa Perez was arrested on Monday night after she fatally shot her 22-year-old boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz, while the couple were recording a YouTube stunt for her vlog. …

On Wednesday, Perez was charged with second-degree manslaughter — a felony that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years, a fine of $20,000, or both. …

Perez, who is pregnant, told police that Ruiz wanted to make a YouTube video of her shooting a book while he was holding it, as he believed that the book would stop the bullet, according to the criminal complaint.

Perez tweeted on Monday that the pair were planning to shoot a dangerous video. “HIS idea not MINE,” she wrote.

Perez started a YouTube channel in March which aimed to show “the real life of a young couple who happen to be teen parents.”

Perez had uploaded several YouTube videos featuring her and Ruiz, many of which involved doing “pranks,” “stunts,” and “challenges.”

Some of the videos also featured their three-year-old daughter.

The couple’s most recent video, which was uploaded on Monday — the day Ruiz died — was titled “Doing scary stunts at the fair.”

Perez told authorities that Ruiz had been trying to convince her “for a while” to shoot the book while he held it for a YouTube video.

Ruiz had set up a GoPro camera and another camera on a ladder nearby to record the stunt, according to the complaint. The two cameras — which recorded the shooting — have been secured as evidence for the investigation.

Perez told authorities that Ruiz eventually “convinced” her to shoot the book he was holding.

She said he had showed her a different book which the bullet did not go through.

Perez told police that she shot from a foot away while Ruiz held the book to his chest.

She used a .50-caliber Desert Eagle firearm which authorities recovered from the grass near the house.


Reading this you kind of wonder whether Pedro might not have tested the stunt using his .22 pistol, but then perhaps the unhappy girlfriend decided to switch in the .50 Desert Eagle when the time came to film the action. Bang!

10 Sep 2008

CBS Forces McCain Reply Off YouTube

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The McCain Campaign produced a web-ad response to Senator Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” remark.

The ad used to be linked by Real Clear Politics to YouTube, but clicking on the button or the actual link will only get you this message:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by CBS Interactive Inc.

CBS actually is so in the tank for Obama that it would stoop to interfere with a 30 second video rebuttal. Pathetic.



Ben Smith quotes CBS’s explanation for its censoring the McCain ad:

Asked about the ad, CBS spokeswoman Leigh Farris said, “CBS News does not endorse any candidate in the Presidential race. Any use of CBS personnel in political advertising that suggests the contrary is misleading.”


You can’t see the ad right now, but the McCain Campaign did publish its script here. It goes:

CHYRON: Sarah Palin On: Sarah Palin

GOVERNOR PALIN: Do you know, they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull: lipstick.

CHYRON: Barack Obama On: Sarah Palin

BARACK OBAMA: Well, you know, you can, you know you can…put…uh…lipstick on a pig…it’s still a pig.

CHYRON: Katie Couric On: The Election

CBS’ KATIE COURIC: One of the great lessons of that campaign is the continued and accepted role of sexism in American life.

CHYRON: Ready To Lead? No

Ready To Smear? Yes

05 May 2007

QubeTV: the Conservative Video Site

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YouTube, which is owned by Google, relies on user screening of inappropriate content. The left, of course, has the larger numerical presence on the Internet, and leftists generally have few inhibitions about abusing any powers of censorship available to them.

Inevitably there have been some incidents of leftist viewers (supported by Google managers) applying political correctness tests, tagging, and then banning, videos they don’t like for “innappropriate content.” In the best known incident of the kind, Michelle Malkin had a video banned by YouTube last September.

Charles Gerow, a former Reagan White House aide and current adman, has responded to anticipated YouTube censorship of conservative point-of-view 2008 campaign videos in advance by founding QubeTV, a rightwing alternative video venue.

ABC News story

Google is protesting that there is no need for such a thing. YouTube provides perfect equality of access for every point of view. But it is quite clear that Gerow is being astute in forseeing an inevitable increase in incidents like the Malkin video ban as the campaign season heats up. The existence of a well-known alternative venue is likely to have the salutary effect of persuading YouTube management, when temptation inevitably strikes, that abusing their powers in favor of their own political biases is a futile exercise.

27 Mar 2007

YouTube Video Awards


YouTube has made its first annual awards for videos in a variety of categories. Should be worth a look.

20 Oct 2006

Good Bye, Hilarious Japanese Game Show Clips

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Egads!, no more cute screaming Japanese girls and lizards. YouTube, having been bought by Google, is going corporate, and surrendering to a collection of Japanese copyright-enforcement groups. They will be deleting 29,549 videos.

Smart move, Japanese broadcasters, you wouldn’t want any free international publicity and recognition adulterating your brands’ prestige, would you?

19 Oct 2006


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When Google made the deal to purchase YouTube last week for $1.6 billion, one of the key components in the latter’s value must have been the ongoing lonelygirl15 video series. The lonelygirl15 videos, which began appearing last June, are probably YouTube’s most notable hit, producing a total of more than 15 million viewings.

The videos are purportedly the videoblog diary of Bree, a home-schooled 16 year old girl, residing apparently somewhere in the suburbs of Southern California. The series eventually included supplementary video commentaries from Bree’s boyfriend Daniel (Danielbeast), and has reached, as of October 17th, a total of 53 individual episodes.

The earliest videos simply featured the very pretty, very young Bree interacting with her stuffed animals, performing music parodies, or simply mugging for the camera. But, before very long, a plot line gradually began to emerge. It became evident that Bree’s family was unusually religious, which accounted for her home schooling, and Bree was involved in peculiar studies and preparations for some upcoming ceremony.

The questionable character of the family’s religion grew increasingly evident, as Bree’s activities and secrecy began to strain her relationship with Daniel, and as viewers began to recognize the picture of Aleister Crowley on her bedroom wall.

As early as mid-July, a number of YouTube viewers began to notice the professional execution of the lonelygirl15 videos, and the emergence of a story arc. Rumors began to fly in fan circles that lonelygirl15 was really a brilliantly conceived and executed promotional teaser for an upcoming television program, film, or game.

Increasing interest led to detective work by lonelygirl fans exposing a variety of commercial clues, including a registered trademark.

On September 12th, a number of sources announced that the identity of the actress playing Bree had been discovered to be Jessica Lee Rose.

The following day, the exposure of the lonelygirl15 videos as fiction made the national news. Example: AP

We had often seen links for the lonegirl videos on YouTube ourselves, but had just been too busy to watch one until very recently. We picked a good time to tune in. Bree has just completed the Ceremony, Daniel is investigating, and Halloween is right around the corner.

It is also convenient to arrive late at this particular party, because the proliferation of fandom has produced helpful viewer guides, numbering the episodes, so that one can watch them in order. LGpedia even provides episodes transcripts, in case one has trouble making out a line of dialogue.

They are definitely amusing, and Jessica Lee Rose, the actress playing Bree, is extremely cute. The 53 episodes range in length from just over a minute to over 4 minutes. My guess is that the whole series runs just a little over two hours, though they will take somewhat longer to watch due to navigation time.

Fan sites:

Children of Anchor Cove fan site (named for a casting call discovered on CraigsList)

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