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17 Aug 2020

Bolivia’s Dinosaur Wall

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Bolivia’s wall of dinosaur tracks: Spread across a limestone slab a mile long and almost 300 feet high, this great wall at Cal Orcko near the city of Suvre reveals more than 5,000 footsteps, with 462 discrete trails.

21 Apr 2017


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31 Jul 2016

5000 Dinosaur Footprints on Vertical Walls

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Kuriosistas: Cretaceous dinosaur footprints on vertical wall of quarry at Cal Orcko near the city of Suvre, Bolivia.

29 Jul 2016

WWII Jurassic Graphic

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An amusing effort to illustrate in an imaginative way the larger scale of WWII conflict on the Eastern Front.

21 May 2014

Three Jolly Hunters

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These three waggish hunters are posing with three enormous punt guns, the sort of arm that was used to hunt waterfowl en masse during the reign of Queen Victoria, in front of a duck-billed dinosaur.

From Steve Bodio via Karen L. Myers.

15 Mar 2011

“Every Life Has Meaning”

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