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09 Oct 2021

Let’s Go Brandon!

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Brandon Brown


[T]he “Let’s Go Brandon” meme that has been making its way around the internet thanks to Twitter. But what does it actually mean? A small incident in an interview with a NASCAR driver has intersected with politics and brought new life to a chant about the president.

According to Know Your Meme, “Let’s Go Brandon” is from an interview with NASCAR racer Brandon Brown and NBC that took place in Oct. 2021. He had just won the NASCAR Xfinity Series. In the background, the crowd can be heard chanting “F–k Joe Biden!”

But in what might be an effort to remain professional, the interviewer, Kelli Stavast, said that the crowd was saying “Let’s go, Brandon!”

“Brandon, you also told me — as you can hear the chants from the crowd,” Kelli says before the camera pans to the audience. In the video, you can clearly hear the audience say, “F–k Joe Biden!” Although Brandon doesn’t seem to be paying attention to them.

As of now, neither Brandon nor Kelli has responded to the meme. And it’s not clear whether she actually misheard the crowd or if she was trying to cover up what they were chanting.


Brandon for VP!

31 May 2017


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With one Twitter typo, Donald Trump created the greatest Internet meme of all time.




More at Tech Crunch.

27 Apr 2017

Hey, Neil! How Can I Watch “American Gods”?

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Neil Gaiman wanted to be sure that all his fans knew where exactly they could catch the soon-to-be-arriving television version of his American Gods, so he tweeted this handy chart.

No good deed goes unrewarded, of course, so a mischievous reader of Gaiman’s issued a modest proposal:

Which naturally resulted in a typical explosion of Internet creativity. Examples:

io9 has a collection.

02 Apr 2017

The Meme Started March 3rd

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Laidlaw’s tweet inspired others:

And still others:

More here.

Via The Passive Voice.

Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

21 Oct 2012

Bayeaux Binders

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19 Oct 2012

Latest Meme: “Not Optimal”

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Barack Obama:“If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.”


Naturally, there is now a “Not Optimal” meme out there.

19 Apr 2012

Latest Good Twitter Meme: Cartagena Hooker Movie Lines

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18 Mar 2012

“Don’t Know Much About History”

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Some of the basic objectionable features of liberalism include a profound contempt for the past combined with an overwheening sense of personal superiority. Barack Obama excels at embodying liberalism.

His energy policy speech, delivered on Thursday at Prince George Community College, was a truly classic performance, featuring an utterly empty and fraudulent claim to eminence based upon superior learning and understanding embodied in a series of totally erroneous self-flattering comparisons.

Barack Obama demonstrated, once and for all, that he is an historically-illiterate imbecile, too ignorant, vainglorious, and incompetent to factcheck supposed historical claims, which really constituted a series of excellent examples of “things every badly educated idiot know to be true,” all of which were dead wrong.

Mark Steyn did a fine job of kicking Barack Obama’s boneheaded and abysmally ignorant butt around the block for this one, not failing to remind his readers of the time liberal presidential historian Michael Beschloss (Andover, Williams, Harvard) shared his opinion with the savant Don Imus that Barack Obama “is a guy whose IQ is off the charts” and “probably the smartest guy ever to become president.” The gods of history fell over laughing.

As John Hinderaker reports “the smartest guy ever to become president”‘s public pratfall was not without consequences. A new Internet meme of captioned portraits of Rutherford B. Hayes, avenging himself for Barack Obozo’s inaccurate slights, has taken off and become a craze.

You can see page after page of examples via this QuickMeme link.

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